EU Hijab Ban Clear Religious Discrimination

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DTT: Forcing Muslim women to remove their Hijab (headscarf) is no less oppressive than forcing women to wear the Hijab. Why are these ignorant people so afraid to give women the right to self-determination?

Sadly, this hijab ban is going to cause all sorts of problems for Muslim women who work in Europe. Employers now have the right to rule out religious clothing and jewellery in the workplace. Our view is, as longs it does not endanger life, people should wear what they want in the workplace in keeping with codes of practice.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi put out a statement on this matter.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi

The European Court of Justice, the highest court of the European Union, yesterday declared that it was legal for corporations to enforce a ban on all clothing that was of an overtly religious or political nature. Essentially, the equivalent of the Supreme Court of…

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  1. however they will be encouraged to wear revealing and provocative tight clothing

    The world has gone mad

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  2. I think most big employers will not take it up due to the negative publicity. Worrying times.

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    • The problem is that it sets a legal precedent which will stand against Muslim (as well as others) Civil Rights in the future, unless it is somehow reversed.


  3. It’s another case of the kaffir dominating Muslim law. The protests of “injustice” is just a secular Muslim smokescreen for the real pain- Muslims HATE realising that Allah and his law are not number 1.

    Perhaps Muslims you’ve been indoctrinated…


    • Typical neo-Nazi, white supremacists response. missionaries like you are the devil’s little soldiers on earth. Missionaries like you have orgy fests when Muslim women suffer. You have no humanity and no human decency in you. You claim to be a man/men of god, but your actions and words are far from it.

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    • I’m right though, aren’t I?


  4. So they start eating their “democracy” !


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