Where’s Jesus?


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  1. Australia


    • Christian Trinitarian theology actually (albeit inadvertently) often engenders delusions of grandeur amongst a certain cadre of its followers which often result in these Christians actually coming to believe that they are directly inspired, imbued with God’s power, or that they are Prophets chosen by God, or even God himself.

      I realize the Bible contains verses regarding false prophets but that doesn’t seem to deter certain people of Christian background from claiming prophethood or even at times Godhood nor does it stop so many Christians from following them. The fact that this guy has the audacity to call himself a Prophet, let alone Jesus “the risen god” is unbelievable, what’s even more unbelievable are the fools who follow such people. Alas, this seems to be the end result when you combine revivalist faith based redemption with evangelistic apostolic prophetic movement – Gullible people incapable of free rational independent thinking placing blind faith in a charismatic “living prophet” who always turns out to be a charlatan and a fraud – sheer lunacy!

      In relation to the comic above, these people in Australia have “found Jesus” – and he is a fraud!

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  2. she looks like pregnant. we can expect first coming of grandson or granddaughter of god.

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