The Armour of God. Galatians 5. Sort of.


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  1. Looks like one of them watchamacallits from Dr. Who

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  2. I grew up watching Dr. Who and have read many of the old Target book series stories to my children.

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  3. The closest thing in science fiction to islam is the Borg from star trek. They wander the galaxy, looting, killing, destroying and subjugating.

    Their catchphrase: “resistance is futile, your life as you know it is over. You will serve the Borg. You will become one with the borg”. Is so apt.

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  4. Dr who ain’t got nothing on you.
    You face them born again Daleks every weekend on SC…If this comes across as poking fun on our christian brothers then the blame is squarely on you brother.

    We love our [misguided] christian brothers.

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  5. The passage about the Armor of God is in Ephesians 6:10-20, not Galatians 5.


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