Irish Christian vs English Muslim | Religious Debate | Speakers Corner

Filmed a year ago at Speakers Corner it has now been viewed over 250,000 times. That’s me snarling on the right. It might have the highest views ever for a Speakers Corner video.

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  1. Isn’t this an old one?


  2. I’m annoyed that your knowledge is being monetised by these clowns from titans tv.

    They lie and cause mischief and should not be promoted

    Hopefully some good will come from people realising the truth

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  3. Poor feisty Irish lads were taken back to school by the well mannered Englishman!

    My favorite part, “Have you stopped beating your wife? Yes or no?”

    Also “The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector” in relation to justification. According to Jesus in Luke, there is no need to “go through the son to get to the Father.” We only need be humble before God, in order to be justified and saved. This is an Islamic teaching from Jesus, in the Bible itself!

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  4. Staggering number of views. Wow.

    I agree with TFK78 in that it is disappointing that Titans TV got this piece. Fair play to them for recording it. I think the thumbnail helped get a load of clicks.

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    • What is the issue with Titan TV? I am not familiar with them, and TFK78’s comment made me curious.

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    • They are totally focused on one race of people and thus a lot of their material is filitered through a racial lens. There’s more to them than this but I think this is one of the first things someody will notice about them. You can check their YT channel out for yourself but just to give you an idea of how out-there they can be they had a Hebrew Israelite guy on to discuss the recent London terror attacks and this guy turned it into a rant against all non-black people etc. See from 2.35 on this video

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    • Yes, the thumbnail images are very important. And so are the keywords in the title, in the first few lines of the description and in the tags. Going through Youtube analytics I think they account for more than 80% of my viewers, who mostly found me by clicking on suggested videos.



  1. Irish Christian vs English Muslim | Religious Debate | Speakers Corner | kokicat

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