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  1. I notice how sore White is that I aways turn him down for debates. It really gets to him.

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  2. Paul, you are an intelligent man, but ypu are no orator, so you are wise to have not engaged with James White. I think you realise that you are not of his standing


    • Paulus,
      James is a preacher more than he is a debater. They are muslims who have made his performance be higher, yet he is not a compeer for muslim debaters. Once James gets cornered, he reveals his real face by misusing the scriptures as any foxy christians that muslim debate.

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  3. What is this raw untamed obsession with Dr Naik that evangelicals have, bordering on the fetish? Instead of focusing on the good doc maybe evangelicals should explain how will they cope being restricted to districts in Alabama and Kentucky in the next 10 years. Sure as hell that will destroy the funds that is propping up this farce of a religion, with it’s 500 Million Contradictions and 1 Million Failed Prophecies!

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