The Gospel of Jesus: An Easter weekend Muslim Christian dialogue

In the Christian calendar Easter time approaches once again. Here I dialogue with a Christian apologist about the gospel message.


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  1. I really really really really really want to go to speakers corner and engage in some of these dialogues.

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    • I live in Calgary, Canada. According to stats, 5% of our city is Muslim. However, the Muslims and Christians in my city are very non-practicing so nothing like this takes place. There is a bit of apologetics out East in Ontario such as Tony Costa and Shabir Ally but I think Toronto is a more religious city in terms of both Christianity and Islam. Still, they don’t have anything like speakers corner. God Bless London!

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    • Why not visit your local mosque? It’s easy easy easy easy.

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    • There is actually a mosque by my house. I’ve been there, dialogued with the people there. Unfortunately they’re mostly all liberal.


    • Allan,
      Are you sure that these Mosque attending Muslims are really “liberal” or is it that they just prefer not to get into a speakers corner type of debate with you? What is your definition of “liberal Muslim.” Many Muslims just prefer to avoid religious controversy, debate, and confrontation, especially immigrants who are just trying to live peaceful lives and establish their families in a new and foreign country.

      And how can you be sure that the Muslims in your city are non-practicing when Islam can easily be practiced regularly in the privacy of one’s own home. That there is no speakers corner type of activity going on in your city does not necessarily mean that Muslims are “non-practicing.”

      In my city, we don’t have public debates, but we do have interfaith dialogues and events, open lectures, open houses of worship, and interreligious efforts with private agencies in working with refugees, homeless, food pantry and other social work projects.

      The point is that there are other refreshing, peaceful, benign and productive ways to express and practice one’s religious belief and convictions rather than apologetics and polemic debate. Maybe the people in your city are more along those lines.

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    • “Unfortunately they’re mostly all liberal.”

      Shamoun is always looking for someone to debate him.

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    • Allan Ruhl Vs. Sam Shamoun!

      That would be an interesting debate!

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    • James White moderator

    • Oh yes. And a weeks holiday in ISIS controlled Syria for the winner

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    • Hey guys, I didn’t see this until now.

      Ibn Issam, you may be correct on that. Perhaps they’re just not into apologetics. We actually do have a speakers corner here but there hasn’t been any Christian vs. Muslims debates, though they have debated abortion. A friend of mine was the pro-life apologist. Here is the link:

      You may have a point regarding practicing in their homes. I’ll clarify my statement and say that there isn’t much public Dawah going on. I’ve never been approached by a Muslim and challenged. In the city I was born in I was but not in Calgary where I live. I run into Mormons and JW’s promoting their faith on the street far more.

      When I refer to Muslims as liberal, you need to understand that this is by my standards. I’m a pretty traditional Christian. I tend to use “liberal” for a much larger group than most people would. I do this for Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Maybe the Muslims in my city who practice their faith are a bit more conservative. They just seem liberal by my standards.

      Regarding debating Sam Shamoun, I don’t know much about what he believes. Until a few days ago I though he was a Calvinist but now he seems to want to debate White on some of the TULIP points.

      I did have a written debate with him on if St. Jerome changed his mind on the “Apocrypha”. It’s in the comments section of this post on my blog.


    • Allan,
      Thanks for your response. I am glad to have a nice exchange with you!

      I was only joking about you debating Sam!!


    • Haha,

      I knew you were joking, just as Paul Williams was joking about the reward for the winner. I might have to intentionally lose if that was the case.

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  2. Great Conversation between Paul and the young Christian. But the background singing was distracting, not to mention nauseating.

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