Mr. McLatchie’s double standard

(with thanks to a reader from California)


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  1. Nice rebuttal!! Thanks to the contributer.

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  2. I wouldn’t scribble over the Qur’an to make the point that some critics of Islam read certain verses with zero attention to context.

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  3. looool

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  4. Speaking of double standards here is Pfanders and there violent and despicable members threatening to slit the throat of Muslims and calling their mothers “whores”

    What a vile and wicked bunch that harbour such violence hate and anger.

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    • Wait isn’t this the same fella who said he was married to Jesus?

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    • I have no idea. Clearly possessed by the unholy spirit


    • Yeah I think it was a video that was posted on the blog some time ago where some bisexual guy at speakers corner said he was married to Jesus. I think this is the same guy.


    • This is honestly frustrating. The guy threatens the muslim, but smith and his disciples are trying to act like it’s the muslim’s fault.

      I also noticed how sara [jay’s disciple] and Sa Ra were blaming Islam just because the guy reported the threats to the police, what the hell else was he supposed to do??

      Imagine if this was a Muslim who threatened someone. Their hypocrisy is truly amazing.

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    • Another way they can easily deceive many is by bringing guys who can speak arabic to preach with them. People think they know their stuff just because they can speak arabic, and they gain credibility that way.

      Like Ali [dawah] once said, even abu jahl could speak arabic, what does that prove?

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    • Hashim

      Jay is the michael bay of christian\muslim apologetics, all the gimmicks are just a way to distract the audience from seeing the complete lack of substance in the plot.

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  5. The coward is threatening and abusing children as well. He follows the bibles teachings at least…


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