Objective biblical scholarship can be quite surprising sometimes…




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  1. Do christian apologists realize this point or not?


  2. How the claims and interpretations of “Objective” Biblical scholarship prove that Muhammad that was a false prophet.

    Let me break this down for you to see how your very own source ends up proving too much:

    1. According to “objective” Bibical scholarship Isaiah 53 is about national Israel suffering for the sins of the nations in order to make atonement for them.

    2. Jesus is an Israelite and therefore a member of national Israel.

    3. As such, Isaiah 53 necessarily includes and applies to Jesus, and therefore proves that his death was for the express purpose of making atonement for the sins of the nations.

    4. Since Muhammad denied the vicarious death of Jesus, and further denied that national Israel would suffer for the salvation of the nations, this means that per William’s own interpretation of Isaiah 53, Muhammad was a false prophet who stands condemned by the testimony of Isaiah himself.

    5. Moreover, since “objective” Biblical scholarship confirms that Isaiah 42, which also happens to be one of the 4 Suffering Servant Songs, is about national Israel, this means that it CANNOT be about Muhammad. Therefore, all those Muhammadans who appeal to Isaiah 42 as a prophecy of Muhammad are lying or ignorant of the facts established by “objective” Biblical scholarship.

    Thank you Williams for helping me further prove that Muhammad was a false prophet and antichrist. Much appreciated.


    • Good stuff. Sam.


    • I love Sam’s obsession with Muhammad(pbuh). I can’t remember a single comment from him where he doesn’t mention Muhammad. He probably thinks more about Muhammad than he does about Jesus.

      Also, Sam, are you claiming that the suffering servant in Isaiah 42 is the nation of Israel?
      The one who will make the inhabitants of Sela rejoice?
      The one who will bring justice to the nations and have the spirit put upon him?
      The one who will have a law?

      I’d like some references to those ‘objective’ biblical scholarships regarding the suffering servant being the nation of Israel.

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    • In fact it’s the complete opposite, According to them Jesus didn’t come with any law he came to abolish the old one 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    • LOOOOL! Jesus is part of the nation of Israel so therefor Isaiah 53 is a prophecy about his death. WHAT?????
      It’s like saying hey in my city live tens of thousands of people and some x years later one guy who happans to be part of the city undergoes something which was prophesied to happen to the people of the city. So therfor it’s a prophecy of that ONE guy??? Many people have suffered and died among the Israelites. Don’t be such a fool.
      Further it talks about him not opening his mouth which he clearly DID. Jesus talked on the cross (Matthew 27:46) as well as his way to the cross (Luke 23:28).
      Isaiah 53:5 is mistranslated as well!!!! In the Christian Bible it says that he was wounded FOR our transgressions while it should be FROM our transgressions. This is the only place where the hebrew word is translated to ‘for’ in the Christian Bible (in most versions) while everywhere else it’s translated to ‘from’. Crazy huh? It’s almost like it was done on purpose. Of course Uncle Sam will come up with amazing word gymnastics to try and justify that. As he always does.
      Isaiah 53:10 says he shall see his seed. Everywhere in the Hebrew Bible this means physical offspring. Jesus doesn’t fulfill that.
      Isaiah 53:11 says that he is the righteous SERVANT. Can you Imagine The Christian Jesus (fully man and fully God) being a SERVANT of God?
      Do some word gymnastics Sammy. You’re good at that.

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  3. That’s why I hate this blog: allowing mentally ill people, like the above, to infect the blog.

    Bye forever.


  4. Yawn.

    Ehrman isn’t objective – he expressly opposes evangelicals and apostatized simply because he couldn’t reconcile the problem of evil with his understanding of god. Luckily he isn’t muslim – he would be dead by now.

    Many jewish commentators interpreted these passages as messianic.



    • You don’t know what the word “objective” means or how it is applied.

      Let me tell you what it does not mean. It does not mean that if someone proves you wrong or disagrees with you that they are ipso facto not objective.


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