Jay Smith Tied up in Falsehoods

Jay Smith of Pfander Centre for Apologetics made the claim of Muslims banning ham in Harrow. Harrow is an area in London of 200,000 people.

Jay Smith got caught out on this. He got mocked online and was confronted in person over his claims to the amusement of his colleague Lizzie Schofield. I think Justin Brierley of Premier Christian radio was notified about all this too.

Jay Smith, being the man of self-preservation he is, jamp on camera and claimed to have been using “hyperbole”. Guess he must have thought Christians will just believe him by accepting his words uncritically. Jay Smith, there are smart Christians out there who will feel uneasy with your “hyperbole” explanation. Remember, you’re not only talking to people who are part of your group and presumably receive wages from your organisation or asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity to help with their asylum stay in Europe who presumably don’t have a clue what Harrow is or are worried they will get sent back to Iraq to be bombed by other Iraqis or by Christian nations like America.

I hope those other Christians do have a word with you.

As for his “hyperbole” claims, they don’t compute with what he actually said. Smith made the claim he cannot get ham anymore in arrow because Muslims/Islam has banned it.

He’s now back-tracked claiming he was only talking about a local Subway. Hmmm, OK, why didn’t you not just say it was one store near you in the first place?!

But having said that, if you search Subway’s store-finder you’ll see there are Subway outlets in that area search which do serve ham (i.e. they are not halal). I did call a few of the branches that came up after searching for “Harrow”. Some did sell ham and others didn’t . You can see from the search results which are halal and which are not halal.

Not only this, the biggest claim of them all is that which breeds resentment amongst the far-right and fires them up to  even attack Muslims. It’s the claim that Muslims have banned ham.

This again, is just not true. Smith has a habit of making statements that just aren’t true.

A spokesperson for Subway said the halal-only stores reflect the diversity of Subway customers. [Plymouth Herald]

Subway are on record indicating they choose which stores are halal-only based on the demographic:

We put a programme into place in 2007 to ensure that the population demographic is taken into account when new store openings are considered in order that we meet consumer demand in each location. [Plymouth Herald]

As the Plymouth Herald points out none of the branches in Plymouth are going to become halal because there are only about 2000 Muslims in Plymouth according to the 2011 census.

FullSizeRender (43)

It’s business sense from Subway. Subway aren’t being forced by Muslims to do this. Subway has simply targeted Muslim custom by making some branches in areas populated with a high number of Muslims halal-only. The hate preacher Jay Smith can surely see this or is he so self-radicalised that he cannot see how wild-eyed he comes off as?

Let me get this straight, Jay Smith, if not lying (or perhaps in his vernacular using “hyperbole”), has a local Subway which is halal-only. He’s upset about this. What do you want that Subway to do? They are probably competing with a load of halal takeaways etc. in an area packed with Muslims. Do you want them to not try and get their custom and thus probably fold (meaning people lose their jobs!) or do you want them to try and get Muslim custom?

And why in the world are you, a bloke who “expects” to be killed by Muslims someday, living amongst so many Muslims? Perhaps you’re just lying about your locality – I wouldn’t rule that out.

Does your Bible* teach double minded men are unstable in all their ways? See James 1:8

Oh Jay would you like to go on record and claim you were using “hyperbole” when you claimed a crowd of Muslims (40/50) told you they will kill you at Hyde Park Speakers Corner? And how about that whacky Petra conspiracy theory stuff you come out with, is that “hyperbole” too?

*In case you’re wondering what the Bible is Jay, it’s the book you lost confidence in a looong time ago, I suspect you used have confidence in it being inerrant in your early years. Perhaps this is behind you’re antagonism towards Islam and Muslims, your dialogue with Muslims made you see your fundamentalist Christian views were false. Am I reading you like a book Jay?

Addendum: Footage has come to light of Jay also claiming KFC is involved in this supposed Sharia enforcement in Harrow. I don’t frequent KFC, but doesn’t the “C” stand for “chicken”? If they don’t do pork this meme is quite apt…

jay smith kfc

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  1. This little piggie should have stayed home

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  2. Wahahaha I laughed so hard at 1:38 in this video! “Even to my meat” LOL! This guy is full of himself. But that’s the thing about non-muslims. They can lie, lie, lie and yet get away with it. But when a Muslim makes a small mistake EVERYBODY goes crazy and says “this is Taqqiya blablabla”.

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  3. Lol @ the meme.

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  4. “And those who harm believing men and believing women for [something] other than what they have earned have certainly born upon themselves a slander and manifest sin.” Quran Translation 33:58


  5. Christian Prince is talking garbage again on youtube (live atm). Like there are words in the Aramaic in the Quran and the Quran claims that its revealed in Arabic to clearly explain to the people. So this is apparently an issue in the mind of CP. What a sceptic arrogant fool. WOOOW. He would never apply the same resoning to his Bible.


  6. What about Jews who don’t eat pork?

    Did the Rabbi’s strong arm subway to not serve swine?


    • Do Jews make companies pay a levy to certify their products as kosher as Muslims do with halal?


    • And are those monies used for dubious purposeslike halal payments?

      If so, then I have a problem with kosher as well.

      But until then, apples and oranges



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