Jesus comes fourth on list of things Britons most associate with Easter

A cynic might think how amazing it is things have a way of returning to their true roots. Easter was pagan and is returning to its pagan truth.

Hot cross buns are more widely associated with Easter than Jesus

Jesus doesn’t even make the top three when it comes to things Britons associate with Easter, according to a poll by YouGov.

Just 55pc of people said that they personally associate Christ with Easter despite the very obvious fact that the Easter weekend constitutes the biggest event in the Christian calendar.

This makes Jesus the fourth most common Easter associated for people in the UK – behind chocolate Easter eggs (76pc), bank holidays (67pc) and hot cross buns (62pc).

Among young people Jesus is even less likely to be associated with Easter, with just 44pc of those aged 18-24 and 45pc of those aged 25-49 picking him as an option.

In both of these age groups people were more likely to say that they personally associate the Easter Bunny with Easter than the son of God.

Older age groups were far more likely to think of Jesus when it comes to Easter and there were a number of other big generational divides.

Just three per cent of those aged 18-24 associated simnel cake with Easter while among those aged 65 and above the figures was 29pc.

Hot cross buns were also far more popular with older generations, as were Easter cards and the bank holiday association.



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  1. Hot cross buns go well with marmite.



  1. Jesus comes fourth on list of things Britons most associate with Easter | kokicat

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