Catholic journalist Damien Thompson is finding interfaith relations a tad difficult

Roman Catholic journalist Damien Thompson is Editorial Director of the Catholic Herald here in London. He was once described as ‘A blood-crazed ferret’ by the Church Times. He appears to be finding Muslim/Christian discourse a little challenging. Bless.


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  1. Blood crazed ferrett? This reminds when I first met a ferrett, while in Germany a most odd gentleman offered the unique service of petting his ferrett for 2 euros. I considered his offer for some time while eating my continental breakfast and decided it is for these reasons why one goes on holiday, in order to experience new things.

    I then kindly paid the man and petted his ferrett, that ferrett was not blood crazed and in fact was more well kept than its owner.

    This man is a disgrace to ferretts.

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  2. For the benefit of readers, this is a ferret:


  3. Shocking.

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  4. Barking dog never bites.

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  5. Ferrets don’t bite once they are broken in like horses. But never ever put your hand in a cage where there is a mother ferret with little babies. I still remember the childhood experience.

    Seriously, Paul. Does interfaith dialogue mean muslims can insult Christ but christians have to be respectful of Muhummad?


    • Muslims would never ever insult Christ.

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    • Achillies53
      Sorry to hear of your traumatic childhood experience. I hope you were not hurt too badly.

      in regard to your question,
      A healthy interfaith dialogue involves discussing and sharing faith beliefs, traditions, religious understandings, recognizing differences, while highlighting and appreciating commonalities between the different faiths. The key to a positive and productive interfaith dialogue is maintaining a respectful approach to one another’s faith. Most especially, this would entail refraining from insulting or making “edgy jokes” directed at one another’s Prophets, Of course we can criticize and question theological beliefs, but there is really no need to be insulting.

      Its hard to do at times, but if we all try our best, the conversation will improve.

      As a Muslim, I am proud to be from a religion which traditionally respects ALL of God’s Prophets, and we never insult or mock any of them. Unfortunately, we often do not see the same respect given in return to our own Prophet (sws).

      Intentionally antagonizing others by making an “edgy joke” about another’s Prophet, is despicable and unbecoming of anyone who claims to be a person of faith and it is not the proper way to build interfaith bridges. Neither do such reprehensible actions aid the cause ‘religious freedom’ but rather provides encouragement to those who wish to engage in acts of identity politics, hatred, and division.

      We may not agree on theological beliefs, and we can discuss those differences, but if we are to have a productive and fruitful conversation, then the least we can do is to agree with each other to show some basic for those whom we each consider to be the Prophets of God.

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