Just like leading Muslim politicians in the UK, Christian leaders too cave in to media pressure in their lust for power

Tim Farron is a British politician who became Leader of the Liberal Democrats in July 2015. He calls himself an “evangelical Christian”. All of the UK’s Muslim MPs and the London Muslim mayor publicly support ‘gay marriage’. May Allah protect us all from such haram influences. 

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  1. I think all it will take is one brave person in politics or the public eye to say they do view gay marriage and gay sex as sinful to encourage others not to capitulate so readily on this issue.

    Really one would expect the Archbishop to be getting involved and speaking openly on this issue for the religious position. Where’s Welby?


  2. Unfortunately in our current social and political climate traditional religious beliefs are frowned upon as unenlightened as well as being a hinderance to social discourse due to them being seen as exclusivist and therefore people who are not a part of them will not be able to engage those issues, only by absconding from them in the public arena can a society truly focus on whats important namely tackling poverty, discrimination, and the economy.

    The great irony of this is that such a view is just as religious and exclusive as the traditional beliefs. Inevitably such clashes will take place and have their victims.

    Perhaps we should abandon this false sense of neutrality and ask ourselves what our convictions tell us about how to engage with those who do not share them?

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  3. What needs to be made clear to the LGBT community is that any acts of sexuality are sinful in public, even heterosexuality. Islam protects sinners except for those who openly sin, and those who get caught sinning. The problem is the agenda that is being pushed. There would be no issue if sinful people just remained “in the closet”. Why would Daddy and Daddy want to parade their sexuality before their children anyway? Not even heterosexual parents in the right mind would do this. The LGBT community ask for rights, they already have the right, but they are adamant in pushing their nipples in people’s faces just to prove their gayness. It’s show and tell over-kill.

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  1. Just like leading Muslim politicians in the UK, Christian leaders too cave in to media pressure in their lust for power | kokicat

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