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  1. No one is offended if that’s what people choose.


  2. Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural critic Camille Paglia offers a scathing critique of feminism, explains why there are more male creative geniuses, and laments Generation Snowflake. She helpfully distinguishes between “first wave feminism” of the 1920s and 1930s with today’s ‘poisonous’ second wave feminism with it’s hatred of men, closed minds and fanaticism.

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  3. Charlatans exploit gullible with ‘statistics’

    Excerpt from the Article:
    “Men, for example, don’t get pregnant. And when children are raised by a single parent, that parent is a mother far more often than a father. You cannot work the 60-hour weeks that are needed to reach the top in some fields when you have children to raise.

    But we seldom hear about such facts, while we constantly hear charlatans loudly proclaiming numerical “gender gaps” in employment or pay and suing for discrimination.

    Charlatans are only half the story. The other half includes people who are gullible enough to be led around like sheep by those exploiting the prevailing political correctness dispensed in our schools, colleges and the media.

    Moreover, the sheep in both high and low positions often also implicitly believe that the cause of statistical disparities must have originated wherever the statistics were collected, and therefore must be the fault of the employer – even though the factors behind those disparities may have originated far from the employer and long before the people involved reached the employer.

    So long as there is widespread gullibility, there will be charlatans ready to exploit it for their own benefit, either politically or financially.”


    • Two more excerpts from same article:
      “This preconception of equal outcomes requires not one speck of evidence – and defies mountains of evidence to the contrary. Even in activities where individual performances are what determine outcomes, and those performances are easily measured objectively, there is seldom anything resembling equal representation.”

      “Among the many reasons for gross disparities in many fields, and at different income levels, is that human beings differ in what they want to do, quite aside from any differences in what they are capable of doing, or what others permit them to do. Observers cannot just grab a statistic and run with it, though that is what is done too often in the media – and even in courts of law.”



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