Was Jesus Ignorant About the Hebrew Bible? Interesting Comment from James R White

Dr James White talks about “variants” existing in the Hebrew Bible at the time of Jesus and Jesus still calling it “the word of God”. Does this not imply that Jesus did not know what the actual reading of the Hebrew Bible was?

Are Trintiarian Christians saying the uncertainty they have over certain variant readings in the New Testament manuscript tradition (i.e which reading is the original reading and which arose from scribal error or dishonesty) is something Jesus experienced with respect to the Hebrew Bible?

Note: This is an old video which carries a degree of mockery which I would not entertain today. 


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  1. Have you written directly to James to ask those questions?


    • No. I try to spark thought amongst some of his casual followers with posts featuring James. Can James overcome pride to admit the beliefs he has been promoting concerning the Bible and about the nature of God and Jesus are in error after having tied to them for decades?

      I’m not the one to encourage him to rethink, he needs to sit down with a Muslim who he gets along with so he’s more willing to accept correction and edification where required. This needs to be done in private.

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    • So you are asking Christians to answer a question based on a comment from James, as if we know exactly what he meant?

      Seems to me that this is just apologetics points scoring, not a genuine interest from you on positive discussion, otherwise you would have the decency to ask the man from whom you took the quote and made the video?


    • Paulus criticizing someone for “apologetics points scoring” and for not having “a genuine interest” In having a “positive discussion.” – What an Ironic Hypocrisy.


    • I’m not the one who self promotes those things- Yahya is. Truth revealed.

      BTW Son of, please stop trolling everything.


    • Paulus, you can ask Dr White what he meant but the fact is there were varant readings at the time of Jesus. The quesition for you would be do you believe Jesus knew what the true reading of the Torah was?



  1. Was Jesus Ignorant About the Hebrew Bible? Interesting Comment from James R White | kokicat

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