The gospels are not literal records of the ministry of Jesus.

Rev Professor Raymond Brown (died 1998), was an American Catholic priest and a prominent Biblical scholar. I had the privilege of hearing him lecture on Pauline theology at the University of Oxford.

Brown was one of the first Catholic scholars to apply historical-critical analysis to the Bible. As biblical criticism developed in the 19th century, the Catholic Church opposed this scholarship and essentially forbade it in 1893. In 1943, however, the Church issued the papal encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu, which authorised Catholic scholars to investigate the Bible historically. Brown called this encyclical the “Magna Carta of biblical progress.” The Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) further supported the method of higher criticism, which, Brown felt, vindicated his approach.

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  1. In my opinion, the best Biblical Scholar of my Church would be Fr. Cornelius a Lapide. I find his insights so profound. I recommend that you read his commentaries.

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  2. ”I would say,” Professor Sanders added, ”that his (Brown’s) basic position was that the Gospel accounts are, yes, products of the church, but they are basically trustworthy,” from a broadly historical point of view.”

    “three reasonably clear instances in the NT (Hebrews 1:8-9, John 1:1, 20:28) and in five instances that have probability, Jesus is called God,”

    Ergo, the centrist Brown, falsifies Islam. The result of selective quote mining.


    • If you’ve ever read Brown, Centrist is a great word for him. He really tries hard to make Conservatives and Liberals happy. He would have made a fine politician.

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    • I like the way everything I post is a falsification of Islam lol. What a Christian fanatic.

      Gospels are basically trustworthy, “from a broadly historical point of view.”

      I would disagree. Brown does not believe that the words attributed to Jesus in John are the actual words Jesus spoke. Only a tiny number of scholars would suggest that and they all reside in conservative seminaries.

      The great Professor Sanders thinks the speeches are mostly fiction.

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    • Yes, according to Paulus ANY theological comment that anyone posts anywhere at anytime – falsifies Islam.

      His blind Christian fanaticism disqualifies him as an unbiased informant on the validity of Islam, as in that regard, he judges everything in a negative way that benefits his own theological presuppositions. He has proven to be incapable of offering a positive commend or even a slight appreciation of anything from Islam at all……

      …..when even the Pope himself has been able to do so time and again!

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    • I meant positive “comment”


  3. Hi Mr Paul Williams, it’s interesting that although you don’t believe the gospels are literal records of the ministry of Christ Jesus, (it’s actually one Gospel of Jesus Christ, four individual accounts of that one Gospel) you still like to pick out random Bible verses to make some wild claims. Just like you did recently at Speakers Corner in a conversation. You insisted on taking individual Bible verses to prove a point that the apostle Paul supposedly didn’t agree with the Lord Jesus about matters of the law. If you don’t believe in the veracity of the gospel accounts anyway, then why debate about the finer doctrinal points that you don’t believe in? Also, do you, as a muslim, really see a catholic priest as being an authority figure on the veracity of the gospel?
    May peace be with you.



  1. The gospels are not literal records of the ministry of Jesus. | kokicat

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