Critiquing the Qur’anic Authentique [Hadith 5 of 5]



One of the main arguments against the Qur’anic historicity has ‘traditionally’ (orientalism-ally speaking) meant that for a long while the earliest extant copy of the Qur’an was Uthmanic. And this was wrapped up (negatively) in the supposed ‘politics’ of the Uthmanic time period or thereafter. The claims, therefore, were that the Qur’an we currently possessed did not correspond to the one from the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). However, the Qur’anic manuscript found in Birmingham has revised that old fossil of a critique.

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  1. Uthman – may Allah bless him – was a great companion of the prophet pbuh.
    Christians & orientalists are so sick when they talk about Uthman as if he the equivalent of Paul in christianity! How dare they !
    Uthman was from among the closest companions of the prophet pbuh. He married the prophet’s daughters . He was so close from the prophet pbuh.



  1. Critiquing the Qur’anic Authentique [Hadith 5 of 5] | kokicat

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