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  1. I can understand why one would think that Islam is Jerusalem. How is America Rome and Europe Athens? Also, where do Christianity and Judaism fit into this? Your three categories were a nation state, a continent, and a faith. I’m a little confused.


    • America is like the Roman Empire in its military and hegemonic dominance of the world.

      Europe is like ancient Athens the centre of cultural and intellectual life.

      Islam is the last of the Abrahamic religions and is thus the heir to Jerusalem.

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    • Daniel 2 is very clear prophecy about Islam that jews and christians both cannot escape from its interoperation given by the prophet Daniel himself.
      Could you answer which kingdom came after the fourth one?


    • Interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

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  2. “Islam is the last of the Abrahamic religions and is thus the heir to Jerusalem.””



  3. “so you believe a loving God targets babies for execution?

    Oh please do explain dear boy 🙂”

    What can I say, the ways of god are inscrutable I guess.


  4. canaanite dieties hit list:

    pregnant women
    disabled people

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  5. Shalom . The Parallels are incredible Mr Paul, spot on! For Christians who seem to think that Islam is false and the Bible perfect they should know that Jeremiah 8: 8 is proof from the Bible that the previous scriptures were corrupted. And they should know if they reject Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) they MUST REJECT JESUS AND MOST CERTAINLY PAUL AS WELL. The arguments Christian use for reject Islam’s messenger are identical to what the Jews today present for rejecting Jesus. Oh the irony! Christians claim: ”Muhammad is not in the Bible. There are no prophecies about him. You guys are misinterpreting and misapplying Deu 18:18 etc” Exactly the same reasons given by Jews for rejecting Jesus. And if you look at the failed prophecies of Jesus in the NT such as (Matthew 24: 25-34) he would most definitely qualify as a false prophet as per the criteria of the Torah in [Deuteronomy 18:22].This astonishing and devastating fact was acknowledged by C.S Lewis!

    But as usual Christian cling to lies, delusions and ghosts!

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  6. LOL, another moron Christian comes along who can’t explain why his mangod demanded the killing of babies. Poor Cole. Your mangod is no different than Kali or Chemosh!


  7. hey fristians,

    have you ever wanted to kill an infant for what its parent did to you ?
    yhwh used to play “get you own back” about 3000 years ago which isn’t very long on earths time scale.


  8. Because Muhammed claimed he went there once – in a dream…


  9. There is simply no evidence whatsoever that Muhammad’s physical body ever made the trip.


  10. “Because Muhammed claimed he went there once – in a dream…”

    I had a dream once – to be a decent human being…


    • you still haven’t answered the question williams was firing at you

      if jesus = 1 person, 2 natures, then do you split him as not to commit idolatry with the fully human part of the SAME person?

      or do you worship 1 person , including the human part?

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    • If everyone had a dream of being a decent human being, the world would be a better place. That dream about flying to Jerusalem however, contributes to hatred and conflict to this day.



  1. America is Rome. Europe is Athens. Islam is Jerusalem. | kokicat

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