Paul Williams: Terrorists Need More Islam, Not Less Islam!

A fired-up Paul Williams gets stuck in to the anti-Islam rhetoric around the Manchester and London terrorist attacks. Many of these terrorists live lives of sin and crime before they carry out their vile attacks against humanity. Muslim terrorists would not exist if they truly followed Islam fully as Islam doesn’t allow killing innocent men, women and children.

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  1. Although, I miss his regular comments on the blog, I am Glad to see Paul W. “fired-up” and speaking his mind at speakers corner!!

    Muslim condemnation of terrorism goes without saying.

    But for those who like to apply double standards to Islam and demand a condemnation, here is a MASSIVE collection of all the cases where Muslims have condemned wrongdoings done falsely in the name of Islam.

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  2. The following article explains the difference between the West, and Russia in approach to Islam, which has implications on the subject at hand and for the struggle for the future of Islam. While the West promotes Islamophobia, and demonizes Islam, Russia seems to recognize that traditional Islam is actually the antidote to terrorism, and that Islam and Muslims can be a positive partner in building a better society and future for all.

    “Russia and Islam -Connecting the Dots and Discerning the Future”

    “…while the West has more or less declared war in 1.8 billion Muslims, Russia has quietly forged an alliance with just over half a billion Muslims!”

    I highly recommend reading this very interesting article!


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