Van Rams into Muslims Leaving Night Prayer

According to various news sources, as well as our colleagues in London, Ustadh Adnan Rashid and Shaykh Muhammad, a van purposely drove into a crowd of Muslims after the Taraweeh (night prayer in the Islamic month of Ramadan) prayer at Finsbury Park Masjid in London. Casualties include 8 injured with 1 deceased man (from Allah we come and to Him we return). The BBC Reports:

A vehicle has struck pedestrians “leaving a number of casualties” in north London, police said.

One person was arrested following the incident on Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park.

Officers were called at 00.20 BST and remain at the scene, the Metropolitan Police said, describing it as a “major incident”.

Video of the driver, a 48 year old man being arrested:


Live video from Finsbury Park Masjid:


London Mayor, Sadiq Khan refers to the incident as a “horrific terrorist attack”:

As the situation develops, we will update this page.


  • Figures of the number injured and deceased have been made public and has been updated to reflect as such in this article.
  • British PM Theresa May says the police were treating the incident as a “potential terrorist attack”, according to the BBC.
  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan refers to the incident as a “horrific terrorist attack”.

and God knows best.

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  1. The main stream media better cover this and call the incident a terrorist attack.

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  2. Of course there is going to be some sort of revenge after what Muslims have been doing, terrorize the world in the name of Islam. Whether you subscribe to their views or not, it is beside the point. They are doing in the name of Islam. He was so fast to upload this post to let people know about this incident, what about the previous recent attacks, didn’t see any post on that. Too consistent and compassionate.


    • LOL! Revenge on who??? The West are war mongering scum who invade ME countries and you have the audacity to say revenge???? Fuck you and your ‘revenge’

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    • Wow! believer indeed, what a foul mouthed one, such a potty mouth. Just picked a single word and go wild with it. I went on to add Muslims who are terrorizing the world IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, I was specifically talking about that and I wrote other comments to make it even MORE clear. Your own Muslim scholars who support terrorism and go first screw them and take their websites down, then come to screw me. Until then, there will always be a terrorism in the name of Islam, regardless of the invasion. Be blessed!


    • “Your own Muslim scholars who support terrorism and go first screw them and take their websites down, then come to screw me.”

      quote :
      Texas still executes the mentally disabled. Christian America is still led into countless wars by entirely Christian politicians with the full endorsement of Christian leaders. And several top American Evangelicals just recently persuaded the Ugandan government to implement the state murder of gay people—because those American Christian leaders couldn’t get their kill-the-gays laws passed in the U.S., so they went there to murder gay people instead.

      end quote

      you filthy scum bags are hypocrites man. you need to screw every evangelist in america or go to iraq and get liberated by american bombing.


    • “LOL! Revenge on who??? The West are war mongering scum who invade ME countries and you have the audacity to say revenge???? Fuck you and your ‘revenge’”

      these bastards need this type of treatment.


    • Really, I deserve such a treatment because I pointed out the facts, Your scholars are still supporting terrorism.

      It appears, radicalism is an intrinsic part of you lot(at least some of you), can’t help it, always have to be crass. Well, I shouldn’t comment anymore, I don’t like to spread hatred. Thanks for giving me what I deserve, Much appreciated. Have a great day.


    • It doesn’t take much to remove the nice façade that these muslims pretend to show us. Well done Kevin.

      Sadly, this conflict will continue as long as Muslims adhere to the evil doctrines of Muhammad.


    • paulus, did scum bag like you forget that you lived with Muslims? Did you get raped, molested, jailed or killed? are you back in Australia spreading your hate ?


    • Kevin/Kev/Spot…

      So, in other words, you are trying to excuse this crime? Well, that’s typical isn’t it? You complain about “Islamic” terrorism, but when it’s done by one of yours, then you chalk it up to “revenge”. I can’t say I;m surprised though…

      So Kevin, was the killing of Canaanite children by your mangod’s hordes right or wrong? 😉


    • Believer, there is no need for foul language. You can mock people like Spot/Kevin, but do so without foul language.


    • Paulus , you’re the evil here! You should have been blocked long ago! Go back to your psycho school.


  3. Keep howling, this doesn’t happen often so you have to pounce on it as fast as you can.


    • ” this doesn’t happen often”
      UNBELIEVEBLE!!! All the wars that these people have waged against ME countries and they have the audacity to say something like this. To hell with you scum!


  4. There’s no doubting this is terrorism, it was a cowardly terror attack and needs to be condemned as such.

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  5. Terrorizing the World in the name of islam:
    Was Islam spread by the sword?.

    I can post more links, but i made my point. so keep babbling on… you don’t get to do this often.


    • Christianity has been spread by sowrd and each kind of violence that christians have taken advantage under their goverments. From Rome( the 4th pagan kingdom that Islam destryed) till now.


    • You didn’t make any point. You just googled some BS and posted it here. For every ‘terrorattack’ perpetrated by Muslims, there are 100’s the other way around. But because a war is OFFICIAL and an army invading someone else is made to appear as if it’s not actually terrorizing people well you can become a braindead Kevin or Paulus.


  6. Oh now your backside hurts? Go live in Muslamic countries or stop this Muslamic terrorism, you guys are to be blamed as always since last two decades at least. As long as muslamic terrorism in the world, there will be some nutcases will react back in a similar manner. #Blameyourselves


    • Dream on…They are not leaving, they are here to stay. Though their scholars have said, if they can make living in the Muslim country, they shouldn’t stay in the infidel land. You can find an article with regards to this on a very popular Islamic website

      We are doomed!!!


    • LOL, another nutcase making excuses for the crimes of a nutcase!

      With your logic, we can say that #Blameyourselves applies to you since your countries have been terrorizing the world for centuries. Your wars, coups and support of terrorists for your own gain will eventually catch up with you. Blow-back, anyone?


    • fiaz,hi there!If I were a nutcase, I would have done the same thing or do you want me to do the same thing, is this why you’re calling me one, little confuse here. Inciting the violence? Things I heard about your prophet, if they are true, he would have despised you guys more than he has despised his enemies. Or Maybe Sam Harris is right about you guys all along, I dismiss him as a hate monger, seems like time to reconsider his views on muslamic. I thought some muslamic would say anything like we will do or doing our best to end this terrorism nothing of that sort, but rather want me to become one. Okay, Even if what you said is true, two wrongs don’t make it right.

      You shouldn’t be saying stuff like mock non Musalmic, this could be really bad for your own community, some might get angry and take it out on the local muslamic, choose your words wisely. why mock anyone, cant we just get along and prevent this terrorism. Now it is Brussels.


    • LOL, are you even speaking English? All I see is an incoherent rant.

      “Muslamic”? What is that?

      Your rant shows how utterly ignorant you are of world affairs. How exactly are mainstream Muslims supposed to “end terrorism”? We’ve been speaking out about it for a long time. Moreover, there is considerable evidence to show that terrorism is correlated with injustice. When people lose hope, they resort to violence. That is a fundamental sociological truth. Why does crime usually proliferate in poverty-stricken areas? The same reason terrorism proliferates.

      I mock ignoramuses who think they know everything and try to lecture Muslims. I know you guys don’t know anything about this subject, which is why you try to simplify it as much as possible, when in reality, it is a very complex issue.


    • What you didn’t understand? Again, you’re just plainly insulting me for no reason. I try to be as polite as possible, no point in flogging the dead horse. the Nutcase will rant incoherently only, you shouldn’t expect more. Msulamic means islamaic, i think. I can’t interact with you, i am a nutcase.


    • Um, no. “Muslamic” does not mean “Islamic”. It’s a made-up word, which combines “Muslim” and “Islamic”.

      I want you to explain why you think Muslims should blame themselves for something that most of them are not responsible for or are in any position to stop.


  7. A terrible thing to have happened and all praises to the iman who so bravely-and not a little sympathetically stepped in to shield a man driven criminally beserk by his terrorizing phobia from the impromptu-and forgivingly understandablle-rough justice of the iman’s fellow worshippers.

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  8. Sad that Islamic violence is driving normal people to kill to defend their own values. But this was not an act of terrorism – there has been no claim of a political motive. Just a lone wolf attack.


  9. Anyone who actually says that Xtians do not commit violonce can go **** themselves! You warmongering armies are made up by Xtians you scum! In God we trust, am I right?


    • We separate Church and State. Get that?

      Stop interpreting the west through your Islamic bias- it is breeding hatred in you?


    • “We separate Church and State. Get that?”
      Christianity as it’s today has always been a state religion even if you don’t admit that. If it had not been that, you would have been under the ground long ago! You’ve been exploiting each advantage provided by the state to preach your evil and paganism. Remeber! The pagan Rromans were the servants of God according to your prophet Paul!


    • Really dumb. It is this type of complete ignorance or propaganda that fuels Islamic terrorism. You make a fabricated story and then kill others justifying it on the straw man. Its horrible. You are horrible.


    • You need to be blocked, troll.
      Have no idea why you are still writing here.


  10. As Jews say “May God avenge their blood”


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