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  1. This has to be satire… please let it be satire.


    • I’m sure it is satire, but I would not be surprised if it was not. Many American’s seem to be highly ignorant about other languages, cultures, religions and ways of life.

      I remember, when I was younger, my father had some American guests visit our home (we live in U.S.) and the guests viewed a beautifully framed artwork of the Basmallah in Arabic, a quintessential piece of Islamic Calligraphy. Remarkably the guests commented on the “beautiful piece of Hebrew calligraphy.” We decided, it was either due to sheer ignorance in regard to the differences between the two languages, or that it was because they couldn’t conceive of the notion that such I nice man like my father and his family could be Arabs & Muslims (presumably since we don’t wear masks, and carry Ak-47’s). Our guests seemed shocked to learn that the calligraphy in question was indeed an Arabic verse from the Qur’an.

      As Muslims, it’s our duty to educate people on Islam, even if it is only a minor point.

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  2. lol in hebrew it says “for powdered milk eaters”


  3. HS inhabitation?


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