Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out! | James Damore and Stefan Molyneux


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  1. Where exactly does the objection lie to James Damore’s sacking? Is he not wrong to imply a woman is worth less than a man if they do the same job? Is he not wrong to suggest women cannot do as a good a job in technology/science fields as men? (my step-son’s girlfriend is currently studying biology/chemistry courses at university and is very intelligent, should she be devalued or pushed into a more ‘feminine’ role because that’s apparently how she’s wired?

    His memo suggests women are more prone to letting their emotions rule them, rather than logic – that certainly isn’t the case from my observations of rabid MRAs and MGTOWs, who seem ruled by their reproductive organs rather than their brains.

    He also misappropriates the aim of feminism in respect of men. Feminism doesn’t seek to make men more feminine – it seeks to remove everyone from stereotypical gender roles, such as the ones he is assigning to both men and women in his article.


    • The guy basically said that he thinks there might be biological reasons why there are less women in IT and why it is harder for them to compete. He even said that he wants to make it possible for more women to join by making their jobs in IT more “feminine”. That is actually what feminism is about. Making everything more feminine. The problem is just that a man said it and it therefore sounds patronising.


    • Feminism actually *isn’t* about making everything more feminine. In fact, it’s about getting people to see past outdated notions of femininity and masculinity. There are no biological reasons why women cannot be as competent as men in science and technology fields. In fact, in India and Malaysia, girls make up nearly 50% of applicants for computing courses.


    • Men and women are different. Biologically. Get over it.


    • Does this mean women cannot work in technology? Obviously it doesn’t. Get over it.


    • As a Muslim I see feminism as a plot against Islam. When you look at the arguments against Islam you will see that most of them are feminist. Even these so-called anti-feminists are using feminist arguments against Islam all the time.

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    • I agree Rider. And the political left is profoundly anti-science. Biologists and geneticists have long known of the significant biological differences between men and women but our politicians and the PC media suppress any mention of this. You can lose your job, you can be publicly shamed, you can be demonised. It all happened to James Damore. It could happen to any of us if we speak the truth.


    • The right is currently engaged in an open and scary campaign to suggest women are in fact an inferior subspecies to men. You yourself have even tweeted articles that imply this, and have repeatedly sought to suggest women should be regarded merely as shipping crates, incapable of being any other than childbearers.

      The biological differences between men and women don’t mean women cannot work in technology and science fields and you have so far failed to provide one scrap of evidence to support this idea.


    • On average women are less competitive than men due to biology. But that does not mean that there are no women who could do certain things better than some men.

      The other problem which is not biological is exaggerated femininity. This is something we see in Western countries and the Far East. There you have a strong feminine identity that is emphasised and clearly separating itself from men. In traditional countries like the mentioned India and Malaysia women do not have a constructed feminine identity but their femininity is based on their reproductive role and not on lipstick and making selfies. Their feminine identity is not incompatible with engineering like the Western one.


    • The degree to which one is competitive doesn’t preclude women from tech and science. There is no basis whatsoever to conclude that women are somehow less suited to that sort of work, unless you subscribe to outdated social constructs that have kept women held down for centuries.


    • The original Google Memo is also filled with unsubstantiated claims. Take the claim women suffer more from anxiety, or that there’s an anti-male bias at Google:


    • Today’s feminism is anti-science and anti-men. A nasty dehumanizing ideology. History will look back at our time in disbelief that we were so stupid and brainwashed.


    • Deleting replies again? Must I go to the step of archiving the site every time I reply, to ensure an accurate record of the conversation?

      I will repeat – you are treating feminism as a monolithic entity. That’s incorrect, and also stands as a sharp contrast to the way you want people to regard Islam.


    • I note with interest your tweeting of the Simpsons of all things, regarding feminism. I take it that forms the entirety of your understanding of feminism?


    • yawn


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