‘In the Numismatical department of the British Museum there is preserved a curious and interesting gold coin, over thirteen hundred and thirty years old, on which is inscribed in unmistakable Arabic characters the declaration that ‘There is no Deity but Allah, The One, Without Equal, and Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah,’ and the further declaration, engraved around the margin of the coin, ‘Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah, Who sent him (Muhammad) with the doctrine and the true faith to prevail over every other religion.’

This coin was engraved, struck and issued by Offa, King of Mercia, or ‘Middle England’ (an ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom, which extended on both sides of the River Trent from the North Sea to Wales), from 757 to 796. The name, originally restricted to the district around Tamworth and Lichfield and the Upper Trent valley, refers to a ‘march,’ a moorland, or frontier, which had to be defended against hostile neighbours; in this case such ‘alien enemies’ being the Welsh, the ‘Ancient Britons,’ who for centuries contended with the Anglo-Saxon invaders for supremacy in that region.’


offa coin


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  1. If Offa struck this coin as an offering to the Pope, it would indeed be very ironic.


  2. I can read the the text in the middle of the coin
    لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له

    Was that king a muslim?


  3. Is there any evidence that this King was a Muslim apart from this coin. That would be quite interesting. Most of my study of English history is post-Norman invasion so I’m not that familiar with this king.


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