The Value of Marriage: 3 Silly Saudi Arabians and a Christian Missionary Tweet

Islamophobic Christian Missionary outfit DCCI Ministries put out a tweet that was not the standard, boring and already-refuted Jay Smith polemics. They tweeted about divorce, writing “Is marriage this cheap? How can this be reason to be divorced?” and they featured a link to an article featuring some (I think 3) immature and silly reasons for divorce in Saudi Arabia.

lizzie tweet

Come on, nothing to see here, these stories are a dime a dozen on the internet for various countries, including the UK. Every country has people divorcing for silly reasons. Silly and hot-headed people exist in all countries.

For instance, in Britain these internet stories range from a wife divorcing her husband because he wanted her to dress up as a Klingon to a husband divorcing his wife because he didn’t fancy eating her tuna casserole:

As we don’t have a no-fault divorce system in the UK, couples can only file for divorce under five categories, which include adultery and unreasonable behaviour. One husband in the UK asked for a divorce because he hated having to eat his wife’s tuna casserole. 

Ladies, if you want to hold on to your hubbies, get into those Klingon costumes and learn to cook a mean tuna cass!

OK, all the silliness aside, I just find it bizarre a British Christian missionary group would use this for their “missionary” propaganda. If Lizzie Schofield/Hatun Tash truly cared about the value of marriage, would they not be tweeting about and talking out against the total abandonment of marriage in the UK and other “Christian” countries where children born out of wedlock are commonplace.

It was reported, in 2013, that over 50% of all babies will be born out of wedlock in less than 5 years time in the UK.

The countries with the highest rates of children born out of wedlock are historically and culturally Christian countries:

The highest rates of non-marital childbearing occur in Latin America (55–74 percent). The only other countries to share these high rates are South Africa (59 percent) and Sweden (55 percent). The range within Europe is huge: from 18 percent (Italy) to 55 percent (Sweden). Those in North America and Oceania are also high and rising, though New Zealand (47 percent) and the United States (41 percent) stand out, with more than four out of ten births outside of marriage in these two countries.

Notice which countries have the highest rates of children born out wedlock? “CHRISTIAN” countries!

But we don’t see Elizabeth Schofield tweeting about this stuff and talking about how marriage is being devalued. Why not?

Lizzie does not even need stats as she can look around her, how many couples are cohabiting out of marital bonds in the UK? It’s common place, in fact, it seems more common to meet couples here who aren’t married than those who are married.

Come on, let’s talk about the rapidly diminishing value of marriage in Britain and the USA. It seems odd to point fingers and chuckle at a few Saudis when the vast majority of their citizens actually have marriage as a high priority in life – something Gavin Ashenden and the Church of England could only dream about for British citizens. Lizzie would do well to look at more pressing issues closer to home.

If Lizzie wants to start us off, how about tweeting about the growing number of churches and church members accepting gay marriage as “right”

More Christians who are involved in the CoE believe gay marriage is right rather than wrong. A recent survey by YouGov suggested 45% of Church of England followers felt same-sex marriage was right, against 37% who believed it wrong [stats sourced from Huffington Post]. According to the Huff Post, the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ and now the Presbytarian Church (USA) sanctify the marriage of two men or two women.

Does this not devalue marriage in the eyes of Lizzie? Or does her scope only focus on freak cases involving couples in Muslim countries?

Lizzie may also want to take that step further and have a word with the blokes who are struggling with porn addictions . Nearly 8 out of 10 Christian men are struggling with porn addictions – many of whom will be married.

Christian men view Internet porn more than once a month, with a further 20% admitting that they succumb to temptation every so often. That’s 75% of Christian men engaging with pornography on, let’s say, a monthly basis. [Martin Saunders]

It’s easy for Christians to pick on the foreigner, the Muslim. Christians are finding it more difficult to tackle the wildfire of Atheism and Secularism in what the Western culturalist Beth Grove deems to be “our [Christian?] kingdom”. 

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  1. In the original story, these are described as the most irrational and bizarre reasons to want a divorce.

    To Liz, Hatun and Pamela Geller, they are Islamic values.


  2. Thank you Paul for writing this great summary, very insightful!


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