Nabeel Qureshi’s Death And The Christian Missionaries


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The diverse online community of of Muslims and Christians, especially those involved in apologetics on the World Wide Web received the news of the death of Nabeel Qureshi at the age of 34 years old from a “rare and deadly form of stomach cancer”[1] on 16th September 2017 with mixed reactions. It is after all well-known to the Muslims that, having branded himself as an “ex-Muslim” with a strong appeal to family emotionalism[2], Nabeel had gone on to become the author of three polemical books dissing Islam and its tenets, developed an online money-making polemical video course aimed at an evangelical target audience, and allied himself with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to go on various roadshows and seminars with the sole intention of villifying Islam openly.

Was Nabeel Qureshi Raised As A “Muslim”?

It should be mentioned right from the onset that Nabeel was a Qadiani…

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  1. Well, I do not think Jesus Christ will be happy if someone tell lies in his name.

    David Wood has used his friend’s death to lie about a hadith. Watch Jay Smith flipflopping(telling lies) in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Dr. James White stand tall on this one. Dr. James White followed his lord Jesus Christ and tell the truth that Nabeel was a Qadiani and was insulted by Christians.

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    • Maybe effects of “being born again”?

      Being Muslim and not Muslim at the same time, who cares?

      But why so selectively? Don’t ask, it’s a mystery.

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  2. Excellent article Menj.

    A Christian polemicist tries to put away the obvious thought by many if God did not heal Nabeel because of his attacks on Islam by saying as he is quoted in article “Moreover, Muslims who suggest this should be asked, “Why did your God wait until Nabeel had written three best-selling books, made hundreds of hours of videos, and helped bring hundreds of Muslims to Christ? Is his timing off?”

    On the contrary, if Nabeel had died early on, no one would known the abrupt turn of events. Many Christian polemicists who attack Islam know of Nabeel because of those books and videos. And because of that awareness, they have been allowed to be aware of this rare turn of events. The question is not only why was he not healed despite massive prayers (by Islam attacking polemicists). But, also why did he get this disease at at age where it is so rare to get it?

    This following sentence in the excellent article should wake us up that we should always make good supplications to God for we never know when God can answer our prayers.

    “This may or may not have been true as we would like to keep an open mind on this, but we leave the interested reader to follow the trail and check out the evidence for themselves as to whether God may have indeed “killed” Nabeel Qureshi because He did answer what Nabeel had prayed for…and it has nothing to do with the Muslims.”

    I wish Nabeel was honest and that did not do the following:

    “It should be noted that Nabeel never once addressed the issue of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad when talking about his past — whether in his books or in his speeches — because he knew that to do so will lend little credence to his claims of being a “former Muslim” and totally remove any vestige of his credibility. He unabashedly capitalised on that label to the point of making a huge fortune from his various evangelical ventures, with the backing of the Christian establishment.”

    So sad but we must never forget lessons from these events, even though only God knows best as to everyone’s intentions over time.

    Nabeel was making a huge amount of money in his attacks on Islam including his lies and distortions on Islam. And that means that some of his wealth was consumed by him and even eaten by him, meaning he literally he bought food and ate at restaurants with this money.

    There are hadith that stress the importance of ensuring that our wealth is halal (lawful–it is not ill gotten wealth) and I think there are multiple hadith that we are supposed to put only lawful food into our stomaches.

    If we are human, then we can only hope, even if it is a dim hope, that he repented before it was too late before his death.

    Stomach cancer at his age is very rare at his age. Please see the graph of how rare this cancer is for a person at the age of 34.

    But even rarer, he got a “rare and deadly form of stomach cancer.”

    I do not presume to know with certainty why this happened but the following verse comes to mind.

    “Indeed, they who conceal what Allah has sent down of the Book and exchange it for a small price – those consume not into their bellies except the Fire. And Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them. And they will have a painful punishment.” (Surah 2, verse 174)

    As Menj rightly stated, no one knows his fate except God. As a human and as a Muslim, I want best for all. If God’s judgement on him is not good, I can only also hope for him that hell is not eternal. Only God, knows how our intentions would be if we lived forever.

    I do not presume that any Muslim is better than any Christian since people usually continue to follow what they have been born and conditioned on. Only God knows our intentions.

    May God wake us all up to be ever more vigilant for ourselves, our families, and all that we have been thrust onto this unique planet to be tested and to be rewarded if we are good and to be punished if we accept and follow deliberately irrational and unjust doctrines and worse if we preach it to others.

    I can understand someone of finding it difficult of letting go of beliefs they have adopted but it is sad when they are stubborn to hold onto irrational and unjust doctrines and preach them even after they have been shown by those they are debating and in their research how wrong they are.

    I don’t mean to insult anyone who is close to Nabeel and my condolences to his family who I assume does not read this blog. And my condolences to his friends.

    But I hope I and we all wake up with more awareness from this abrupt turn of events.


  3. A good post, jazakallah khayr my good colleague br . MENJ.

    This accurately describes what muslim think about nabeel qureshi. He may have enjoyed celebrity status among christians in english speaking world we muslims dont really care what he said and wrote about Islam. He was never a scholar of Islam never had traditional Islamic education, never known for his piety nor known as a hafiidz/memorizer of the Qur’an when he was a “muslim”. His too westernized style never really had connection with muslims. But I never give up hope and praying for him before his ajal, God knows if he actually have pronounced the shahada in his deathbed, in his last vlog I can see from his eyes fear and doubt overcoming him.

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  4. A great article!
    I just want to point that believing in another prophet after the prophet pbuh does make the person out of Islam for it involves necessarily disbelieving in Quran and Sunnah which state clearly otherwise.
    Therfore, Mirza had to invent a new language for the meanings of Quran though he had nothing to do with Arabic, and he had to reject hadiths. He even attacked the prophet’s companions for they, as he claimed, did not understand the prophet pbuh!
    You see how similar between that man and Paul in christianity, Right? 🙂

    Moreover, Qadianyiah has lot of beliefs in its
    “scriptures” (i.e. books of Mirza) which contradict Islam.
    For examples :
    *The name of their god is called Yalash.
    *The belief of reincarnation.
    *Books of Mirza stated that all people have been created from the dust except Mirza who got created from “the water of god”.
    *Mirza can do whatever he wants by just saying ( Be).
    *The belief that Mirza’s books are simliar to Quran in the sense of revelation and eloquence.
    *Cancelling Jihad which is something goes side by side with the absolute loyalty of Mirza to the british crown as we read in his writing about himself and the history of his family.
    *Mirza is the final authority of how we should understand Islam.

    In the margin, we have to know that that cult is supported by the west for many reasons.

    Finally, all christians who have described Nabeel as an ex devout muslim are ( LIARS) such as David & Mike Licona.

    Thank Allah (sw) for exposing those fragile christians.


  5. since god can’t cure sinful nature, and since disease could come because of sin, why didn’t jesus come down as a anti-virus for cancer and enter nabeels body?


  6. christians believe that god can only become known when he takes on human nature. he needs to smell, touch, taste, stink, etc

    i wonder if the same applies for disease

    does god need to become something like anti-virus cell ?


  7. Qureshi was just an ABCD.

    American Born Confused Desi.


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