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  1. Why do you hate the West, Paul?


    • I can share his concerns: One can now speak even of a scientific consensus on climate and ecological crisis. Colossal environmental destruction; unprecedented forms of violence; the construction of lethal political identities; the poisoning of food and water; extermination of alarming numbers of species; melting of Himalayan, polar and other major glaciers; increasingly worrying health threats; indecent disparity between rich and poor; social and communal disintegration; the rise of narcissistic sovereign individualism; an alarming increase of mental health disorders; a “growing epidemic” of suicide, and much more (the list is long enough to require, literally, an entire ledger), are now calling attention to a revaluation of modernist, industrial, capitalist and chiefly (though not exclusively) liberal values. The increasingly proliferating and widespread understanding that the modern project, together with its knowledge system, is unsustainable (even in the relatively short run) is in the process of taking over center-stage, and not only in Western industrialized countries. Influential activist groups and prominent intellectuals in India, China and several other countries in Asia, Latin America and elsewhere, have come to realize that a major restructuring, if not overhauling, of the paradigmatic structures of modernity is now in order. The crisis affects the global village, and is not the concern of only particular groups or countries, although the genealogy of the sources of destruction are widely recognized as European and more recently Euro-American, i.e. the “West”.



  1. Islam’s heart is ethical; the West’s skin is ethical. | kokicat

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