So much for the lofty cadences and uplifting Shakespearean majesty of the King James Bible…

So much for the lofty cadences and uplifting Shakespearean majesty of the King James Bible…..or maybe…. one of the translators found a page from King James’ royal diary recounting his frolicking with his favorite male courtiers

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  1. How dare thee mock the word of god, ye bloody infidel, fear His wrath! Thou art very much blinded by the Muhammedans and their deception! doth not hark to those folk, verily those gents useth deception to achieve their goal. Alas, i guess ye shall turn a deaf ear to what i say.

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  2. methinks the cup doth show the wrong translation

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    • Erasmus, Haply Thou art right mate, genitals is writ as flesh in KJV compared to the NIV, what dost the context declare?


    • did the torah say that it was not MORALLY wrong to eat pig, but ritually it was? or does the torah see a command as A COMMAND which is either obeyed or broken?

      you are making your early fristians very RITUALISTIC lol even though it has nothing to do with wrong and right.


    • when jihover said don’t eat pig , did he see it as a command or did he see it as a ceremonial ritual ?
      jihova said he is a “holy god”

      “You shall be holy because I, Yahweh your god, am holy”

      “to distinguish between the holy and the profane, between the impure and the pure.”

      yhwh is a holy god. does a holy god say that EATING pig, bacon, blood , pork does not DEFILE because it does not REACH the heart?

      the thing is that the markan BS reduced the HOLY command of holy jehova/yhwh/el elyon/adonai / el olam / el roi/ el shaddai to DIGESTION and crapping out .

      the markan writer literally urinated on the holy command of jihowa. gods COMMANDS are gods COMMANDS .

      peter knew that, and thats why he never knew of mark 7. peter wasn’t dull or stupid, he was intelligent enough to know that sacriiced blood god CANNOT make holy commands abrogated .

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