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  1. People shouldn’t underestimate what you’re proposing. For an analogy, I can share that, in my own experience, one of the things which played a role in softening my attitude towards Christianity was the beauty of Ecclesiastical art and architecture. It was far from the only factor, but it nonetheless played a role.

    I’ve heard of similar things happening with Hindu art, and my father had a friend who, while never hostile to Islam, nonetheless is worth mentioning because the architecture of masajid he saw in Iran, in the 70s, got him interested in Islam.

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    • the artistic tradition in Catholicism is unparalleled

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    • I agree that art, artistic design and visual asthetics are very much important. When I step into a beautiful masjid that is built with attention to every architectural detail I get a different emotional feeling from when I visit a masjid that is just a converted building. Although I can still easily focus and connect with God in any masjid, or any place….it is much more enjoyable (for me personally) to be more moved in a dedicated and beautiful place that aesthetically and artistically reflects the majesty and beauty of God.

      Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic architecture are two perfect mediums to communicate divine beauty….and yes to provide a counter balance to negative Islamophobia.

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