How A Muslim Child Saved An Evangelical Minister From A Life of Hatred

A wonderful conversion story whereby God changed the heart of a Baptist minister from typical Evangelical hatred to authentic Christ-like love. He has now been healed! Alhamdulilah.

As a former hate preacher this Southern Baptist pastor held hateful attitudes towards Muslims which unfortunately I still see in Evangelical Christians online and in most (though not all) Christians at Speakers’ Corner. These lost souls have clearly been radicalised by demagogue preachers such as Jay Smith, David Wood and Sam Shamoun.  May the God of mercy and compassion convert their hearts too! Ameen.

Categories: Christian extremism, Islamophobia

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  1. A lot of hate is born out of sheer ignorance and lack of knowledge. People will never learn to understand others if they remain in entrenched in their own comfort zones and never venture out to meet other people and know them on a basic human level. When we do so, most if not all of the stereotypes and misconceptions quickly fall away.

    At times while sitting in reflection at the Masjid, I have often thought that if only those who fear Islam could see the cute little Muslim children just laughing and having fun running around and playing together after prayers, they might drop their irrational fear of every Muslim in the world and start to see some basic commonalities.

    Sometimes children, in all their innocence, help us lower our guard just long enough to see the humanity in others and have a positive change of heart.


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