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  1. The hysterical and almost maniacal laughter in the video was really creepy.

    The video exemplifies the same type of charlatan who is typical of many charismatic Christian Ministers, Preachers, Televangelists, self-proclaimed apostolic prophets etc. who, in lieu of a coherent and rational theology, feel inclined to resort to fake charismatics such as faith healing, prophecy, talking in tongues, casting out demons, miracle illusions, cheap magic tricks (i.e. levitating), shamanism, and other charades and shams, in an effort to “win souls for Christ” by any means necessary.

    This is the end result when you combine revivalist faith based redemption with evangelistic apostolic prophetic movement – Gullible people incapable of free rational independent thinking, who place blind faith in a charismatic preacher, or a “living prophet” who always turns out to be a charlatan and a fraud – sheer lunacy!

    In rejecting divine guidance and freeing themselves from the law which set the boundaries and limits Christians actually enslaved themselves to continuous deviation, innovation and a chaotic free for all which lends itself to producing false prophets and unscrupulous preachers on a quite regular basis as we have seen.

    What is amazing to me is not how many naïve and gullible people there are in the world who are more than willing to buy into, or play along with this kind of charlatanry, but that the vast majority of them seem to be Christians is very telling.

    Personally, I could never invest myself in a religion that resorts to such cheap and foolish buffoonery, in order to convince the uneducated, vulnerable and gullible among the masses.

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  2. Most Muslims will not and cannot be fooled like this. Why? Because our religion is clear on who God is. He is One, Only and Alone and no one else. So, no Holy Spirit or Church Fathers can fool us. There are some Muslims who deal with Jinn(demons, spirits etc.) and have small followers but because that practice is forbidden in Islam, they are insignificant.


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