Muslim Attitudes to Alcohol and Intoxicants: The effect upon societies and individuals

In Islam all intoxicants are forbidden by God because the harm they cause greatly outweighs any short-term happiness/high that one feels!

Objectives: Consider and understand Muslim attitudes to alcohol and other intoxicants.

Allah stated: O you who believe, indeed, intoxicants (khamr), gambling, sacrificing on stone alters to other than Allah, and divining arrows are but from the works of Satan, so avoid them that you may be successful. The Devil wants to cause anger and hatred among you through intoxicants and gambling, and to distract you from remembering God, and from observing the prayers. ” (Qur’an 5:90).

Muslims take from this verse of the Qur’an to mean that God has forbidden alcohol and any intoxicant that can confuse and cloud the mind by removing one’s normal faculty of reason and discernment, that leave people with little or no control over their actions. It is God who has given this command, and like the rest of the commands, it is for the benefit of human beings. Being a Muslim means always being in control of what you think, say and do. Alcohol and all other intoxicants prevent this. Drunks and drug-users can be a danger to themselves and others – and Islam forbids self-harm and harm to others. This, according to Muslim scholars, is why Allah has forbidden alcohol and other intoxicants. There is clear evidence that people do damage their health through drinking alcohol. There is also evidence that drinking alcohol leads many people to do things that they regret afterwards. These can include violence, drink-driving, sex before marriage or with other than one’s wife and many other things that not only break Islamic law but the damage the moral fabric of societies leading to the breakup of families and hatred between people. Drinking can also lead to loss of self-esteem, dignity and to terrible arguments. Not drinking helps people avoid these sins.

Muslims living in the West do not always find it easy to avoid alcohol. This is partly because so many people do drink alcohol — that it is simply the way of life in the West, and it is easy to find it in supermarkets and shops. Also it is apparently something that gives pleasure to many people. Every celebration in the Western countries seems to involve alcohol. Weddings, passing exams, family gatherings, religious festivals such as Christmas or simply spending time with friends; all of these occasions are usually celebrated by the consumption of alcohol. Even at times of grief and stress, people resort to alcohol and other intoxicants that cloud the mind and one’s feelings. Certain foods have intoxicating levels of alcohol. An important point to note is that alcohol is not considered to be impure as the jurist and scholar, Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen has stated, rather drinking it is forbidden. Alcohol has been permitted by scholars to use to clean wounds, but not for consumption by swallowing. Also alcohol in perfumes and colognes is permitted because, of course, it is not drunk.

All forms of intoxicants are forbidden in Islam. There is no government in the world that denies the misery caused by these drugs.

Muslim beliefs teach that Allah has forbidden the handling, production, serving and selling of alcohol. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Allah has cursed alcoholic drinks and:

  1. the one who drinks it,
  2. the one who serves it,
  3. the one who sells it,
  4. the one who purchases it,
  5. the one who squeezes [the fruit to produce it],
  6. the one for whom it is squeezed (the brewer),
  7. the one who carries it
  8. and the one to whom it is carried.” (Reported by Abu Dawūd 3674)

And in a narration: “Cursed is the one who sits at a table where it is served.” Additionally, any amount of alcohol or intoxicant that is used in food, or drink or in medicine (that is swallowed), that leads to intoxication if a person was to take a large quantity of it, then it is forbidden even in small amounts due to the saying of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him): “That which intoxicates in large amounts is forbidden to consume in small amounts.” (Collected by Abu Dawūd 3681).

For example: chunks of chocolate liqueur contain alcohol, however if a person was to eat one piece, it would not make him drunk – but if he was to eat ten pieces, he may well become intoxicated. In this case, eating even one would be harām (forbidden).  Under the heading of intoxicants (or khamr) come all the intoxicants and narcotics, whether inhaled, smoked, injected or snorted. Prisons are filled with people who have committed crimes under the influence of drugs or drink. Hundreds and thousands of people every year die from illnesses brought about from alcohol and drug abuse. Many thousands die or cause themselves injury due to accidents that occur during drunken stupors or drug induced accidents. Drink and drugs drive people to do acts that they would otherwise never consider. It causes them to forget their duty to Allah, the Most High. It leads to mental illnesses and suicides. Whilst addicted to drinks and drugs a person does not take seriously his responsibilities. He neglects his wife, his children, his parents, and even his Lord.

Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages that remained in place from 1920 to 1933. Muslims argue that any society where alcohol and drugs are forbidden has less crime rates, less domestic violence, less prostitution, less mental health issues, reduced incidents of suicide and less street violence. Islam sternly admonishes the wrongdoers from introducing the youth to drugs and drink. Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Everything that clouds the mind is Khamr (an intoxicant).. and the one who gives it to a young person to drink, who does not know what is lawful from what is unlawful, then it is a right upon Allah that he will punish him with a horrid drink of hell.”(Reported by Abu Dawūd 3680)

Shaikhul-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah over seven hundred years ago mentioned the evils of hashish and Marijuana. He considered it to be even worse than wine. And the one who smokes it or consumes it, is deserving of the Anger of Allah. Such a person he has placed himself before the punishment of Allah. He said it corrupts the Religion of a person, his intellect and mind – and it is known to lead to insanity and mental illnesses. So it is worse than wine and the evil effects of it are more grievous, so the Religion requires that its forbiddance is even greater than that of wine. (See Al-Fatāwā, 34/213). The following are statistics and information gathered from the USA regarding alcohol:

FACT–DRUG ARRESTS:  According to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCRP) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there were almost 1.7 million state and local arrests for drug abuse violations in 2009.

FACT—ALCOHOL AND JAIL:  According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), 37% of almost 2 million convicted offenders currently in jail, report that they were drinking at the time of their arrest.

Millions of people each year are victims of alcohol or drug related crime, including millions of young people.

  • Each year, more than 600,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are assaulted by another student who has been drinking.
  • 95% of all violent crime on college campuses involves the use of alcohol by the assailant, victim or both.
  • 90% of acquaintance rape and sexual assault on college campuses involves the use of alcohol by the assailant, victim or both.
  • Every day, 36 people die, and approximately 700 are injured, in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Drinking and drugged driving is the number one cause of death, injury and disability of young people under the age of 21.
  • 80% of offenders abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Nearly 50% of jail and prison inmates are clinically addicted.

CASE STUDY: Jessica’s Story:

“Jessica, a 20 year old college student, admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking with friends before she ran over and killed a jogger, a 46 year-old father of three, happily married with a successful career and good standing in his community as a volunteer at a local food bank.  Jessica was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and negligent homicide.  The judge sentenced Jessica to prison for 20 years.” Her parents and many of her classmates wept in the courtroom.

Early use of alcohol can draw young people into a host of problems and aggravate existing ones. Each year, approximately 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking.  This includes about 1,900 deaths from motor vehicle crashes, 1,600 as a result of homicides, 300 from suicide, and hundreds from other injuries such as falls, burns, and drownings, etc.


  1. What does Allah command regarding alcohol?
  2. Why does Allah command this from what you have read?
  3. What uses of alcohol does Islam allow?
  4. Should a Muslim work in shop selling alcohol or in a restaurant that serves it? Why?
  5. A small amount of alcohol is found to be present in a cake, however, even if a person was to eat 5kg (or more!) of that cake he would not get intoxicated. Is that cake lawful or forbidden for him? Why?
  6. A Muslim finds that there is small amounts of alcohol in a biscuit; if he eats two he wouldn’t get drunk, but if he eat 15, he’ll get drunk. Is this allowed or not? Explain your reasons.


I initially compiled these worksheets for my students at the Redstone Academy (aged between 13 and 16 years), Moseley Road, Birmingham, UK who were working towards their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). I felt that others who do not attend the school could also benefit from these topics since they are presented in simple bitesize chapters. I have relied upon GCSE text books and adapted them (quite a lot) for my classes.

Article by Abu Khadeejah 

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  1. Why is there intoxicants Muhammad’s paradise?


    • are there? Proof dear boy.

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    • You mean the “intoxicants” that don’t actually “intoxicate”? Getting ready for another neutering, Cerbie?


    • That must be like a neutering without getting actuallyneutered #islamlogicfail


    • QB,

      “You mean the “intoxicants” that don’t actually “intoxicate”? ”

      Any passages from the Quran or sahih Hadith to back this up?


    • “That must be like a neutering without getting actuallyneutered #islamlogicfail”

      LOL, I guess you’re afraid to expand upon your original comment about intoxicants in heaven, eh? Pray tell us what intoxicants you are talking about? Assuming you have the courage to answer, the neutering will begin in…3…2…1…

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    • Bad samaritan: “Any passages from the Quran or sahih Hadith to back this up?”

      Certainly, my dear…

      “Round will be passed to them a Cup from a clear-flowing fountain, Crystal-white, of a taste delicious to those who drink (thereof), Free from headiness; nor will they suffer intoxication therefrom.” (37:45-48)

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    • Poor Samaritan. How embarrassing.

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    • So why are there intoxicants in Muhammad’s jannah. No answer from a Muslim yet


    • Paulus, some examples?


    • Cerbie is confused. Neutering will do that to Gentile dogs.

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    • I’m not confused. If you think theintoxicants don’t intoxicate that is your prerogative (completey contradictary), but at least answer my question


    • LOL, yeah you are very confused. The neutering has done much damage to your mind.

      The fact that the Quran says there will be no “intoxication” shows that the wine in heaven will be free from this effect. It is not like the wine of this world. Just because it is called “wine”, it does not follow that it has to be alcoholic wine which causes intoxication. Just let that sink in. Try not to think about your neutering. Focus, Cerbie, focus.


    • You must be one of those people that likes dairy free eggs and vegetarian chicken to go alongside your alcohol free alcohol


    • Do you think muslim wine will taste like coke? Being non alcoholic and all…


    • Poor, poor Cerbie. Grasping at straws all because of his irrational opposition to Islam.

      As I said, there is no intoxication in heaven. The laws of this earthly life do not necessarily apply in heaven. Moreover, I am sure that God, in His infinite power and ability, can provide us with a non-alcoholic wine that does not cause intoxication. Just because it is called “wine” in heaven does not mean it has to alcoholic wine.

      Oh and look here! There are in fact HALAL-certified non-alcoholic wines available here on earth as well! How about that?

      It’s okay, Cerbie. I know you are just a moron. Morons will be morons. You can’t help being what you are. And besides, getting neutered isn’t very fun.


    • Halal wines! LOL my life is now complete. You guys are a crack up.


    • I think we can nip this in the bud, since Cerbie has no substantive rebuttal!

      Cerbie, this must be some kind of record…the most neuterings a dog has undergone! Your gonads must be sore by now! LOL!!!


    • Is there halal pork as well? Oh yes, there is, you guys call it “turkey bacon”. I remember how popular it was in Indonesia.

      This is the fruits of a legalistic religion like islam


    • Bwhahaha, poor Cerbie is left grasping at straws. The fruits of a false religion which worships an old Canaanite god.


    • sorry, I didn’t catch that. You better say it again. Oh, wait, you’ve already said that ad nauseum because you apparently are embarrassed by your unintoxictaing intoxicant, your halal wine and your halal bacon. You repeat yourself more than old Bilal finishes sholat. Geez!!!!

      But don’t worry, muhammad said it was white and will taste good. Muhammad also told you to drink camel urine.

      P.s I’m still convinced it’s Vanilla Coke. What else could it be?


    • Don’t worry Cerbie. I caught everything you said. You’re out of ideas. You have nothing. This is the best morons for Jesus can do. Another embarrassing performance under your belt. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

      We’ll let you know if it turns out to be vanilla coke or something else. Don’t worry. Sometime in the future, on a nice, warm day in hell, you’ll get your answer!


  2. QB, awwwwww….so kind of you to fulfill his wish….

    Samaritan drink so milk 🍼

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    • Shaad & Bilal, QB,

      Not so fast my little Muhammadan friends.

      I know I’ve embarrassed you lot for the past few weeks by showing your prophet to be teaching all kinds of dumb shit hence your frustration, bitterness and resentment is quite understandable but your victory appeals on this one are slightly premature.

      Firstly my question was a sincere one, I was genuinely enquiring.

      Secondly, there are a few problems with the verse QB quoted.

      1) Where in the verse is the drink in question identified as wine?

      2) In your Quran wine is one of the things considered to be the works of Satan. This begs the question of why believers will be given satan’s work in the paradise of Allah? Doesn’t make sense.


    • Samaritan,

      “My question was a sincere one, i was genuinely enquiring”

      Awwwww, trying to attract sympathizers…did you forget that you started being sarcastic and adopted a “mocking” tone during one of our conversation two days ago? You can’t blame me for being rude the other day right? Infact i was very polite at the start…

      Do you remember the first time i had a discussion with you? You started being rude and you called my comments pretentious though i didn’t even insult you at all…once again you can’t blame me for being rude that day right? Still i kept being polite and showed you respect that you didn’t deserve….

      “i know i’ve embarassed you lot for the past few weeks”

      The last time i checked it was GeezGamer who embarassed you by refuting all your points, on top of that you didn’t reply to him, infact you embarassed yourself even further by putting a video of the Masked Arab(so lazy of you) which also ended being refuted lol….you didn’t even reply to my last point during our previous concersation…so i guess you lack some comprehension…talking about our conversation, why did you run away from my question? Infact i could go on and on to embarass you even further especially by talking the weak hadiths you brought some weeks ago(once again refuted personally by me)

      “Hence your frusration, bitterness and resentment is quite understandable”

      desperate tagging tactic to show your portray yourself in a positive light… I don’t know about the others but it won’t work on me unfortunately…only someone with a lack of intelligence would fall that…

      “In your Quran wine is one things considered to be the works of Satan”

      It’s talking about Intoxicants, it is indeed used by Satan…if you use your tiny brain my dear samaritan you’ll see that before the word “intoxication”, you’ll find “suffer” which points out that “intoxication” is a negative thing which as well points out that the beverages in heaven would be non-intoxicant…for the sake of argument i’m gonna say that the wine in heaven is “intoxicant”, so how is that harmful? I mean we can’t compare this world with the heaven, satan has no power in the above compared on earth…satan can use intoxicants to cause harm on earth but he can’t do the same in heaven as he has no power over there….if you want to prove that the wine in heaven is indeed the same as the same one on earth(which is the “works of satan”) then you’ll have to prove that satan has the power to cause mischief in the heaven compared to earth….

      Ok your time starts now, prove it


    • Err sorry for the typos…i’m not using my PC right now…so yeah…


    • His name is “BeezGame” instead of “GeezGamer”….damn i’m watching his comments right now, he embarassed you so hard, you didn’t even respond properly to his points….what makes it even more hilarious is that he’s still 15 years old, a young rookie who refuted you, well well….


    • LOL, brother Shaad, did you see how the “expert” tries to weasel his way out? He got embarrassed, like he always does. His old Canaanite god isn’t giving him much help these days.


    • QB,

      You quoted a verse which doesn’t say anything about wine, dummy. That passage could be referring to milk for all we know, or camel urine. We know how fond Muhammad was of camel urine. LOL. So try again.

      Also according to your idiotic theology wine is a work of Satan. Yet this wine will be present in Allah’s paradise. You couldn’t make this stuff up, folks. Except Muhammad clearly did make this stuff up and dummies you like you and Shaad naively I-N-S-I-S-T on believing it.


    • Samaritan, you missed the word “suffer”, oh my god what a tiny brain you have my dear, seems you didn’t even read my answer…i asked you to prove something but you didn’t do it, are you trying to run away right now?


    • Samaritan, thanks for refuting nothing….thanks for running away from what i told you to do as well….congratulations for being embarassed once again…


    • LOL, Shaad! This guy just cannot get it! You can’t reason with brainwashed zombies.

      Sammie, you moron. The verse specifically mentions “intoxication”. The drink of heaven will not cause intoxication.

      Now go back to worshiping your Canaanite mangod.

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    • QB, makes me feel bad to see him being refuted again and again, what’s worse is that he was constantly refuted by a rookie the other day…just look at his responses, out of desperation and laziness he put a Masked Arab video, and still the rookie refuted him….damn i must screenshot this moment….


    • QB,

      “Sammie, you moron. The verse specifically mentions “intoxication”. The drink of heaven will not cause intoxication.”

      You and your Muslim brother are the ones not getting it. Dummy, your Quran mentions that there will also be rivers of milk and wine water for believers in paradise. How do you know that the verse you appealed to isn’t emphasising the lack of intoxication for that particular drink to distinguish it from the wine which believers will also have access to? You and Shaad need to put your two brain cells together and think about it.

      Also this silly idea of alcohol in paradise? Why include the works of Satan in the so called dwelling place of a holy god? Also sex with 72 houris? No wonder you fools and your carnal desires are desperate for it all to be true LOL. This portrait of paradise couldn’t be more blatantly man made if you and Atlas Partridge invented drunk out of your heads on a night out.


    • LOL, oh sammie, sammie. I think the alcohol you’ve been drinking has killed your brain cells. That explains why you worship a Canannite mangod and cannot understand the clear meaning of the verse about the heavenly drink. You’re embarrassing yourself yet again!

      There is no intoxication in heaven you moron! So, all the different drinks, whether water, milk or wine will taste great but will not have any harmful side effects. So the wine in heaven will not cause intoxication. This is not the same wine that you man-worshipers drink on earth. Stop drinking alcohol. It’s killing your brain cells and turning you into a moron.

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    • QB,

      ” There is no intoxication in heaven you moron! ”

      LOL prove the wine in the Islamic paradise is not intoxicating!

      Again the quote you cited doesn’t specify. It mentions a particular drink, but it could easily be referring to milk. It even says it will be white in colour.


    • Muslims

      Please explain the logic behind drinking an intoxicant that doesn’t intoxicate


    • Samaritan, thanks again for refuting nothing, i already dealt with your point in my comment….


    • Paulus, it doesn’t mention, “intoxicant”, i already dealt with this point anyway just read my comment….


    • I’m pretty disappointed, i looked foward to see Christians bringing some new arguments when i wake up but that’s not the case at all, they just keep repeating the same weak logic which i already refuted, still waiting for someone to debate my points with me….i know that you guys will lose in this discussion but at least lose with some dignity right? instead of bringing constant ad nauseam….i’ll be waiting…

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    • Paulus,

      “Please explain the logic behind drinking an intoxicant that doesn’t intoxicate”

      -I think you might be over-complicating this a little. In fact, I have a rather nice alcohol-free beer in my hand right now. They seem to be getting rather popular here in the UK. But I digress…

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    • Brother Shaad, don’t forget that we are dealing with brainwashed zombies. It shouldn’t surprise or disappoint you that they are insisting on their stupidity! LOL!!


    • QB, still waiting for him to prove how satan has authority in heaven to establish mischief with so called “intoxicants”…i would also like him to prove that people suffer from health hazards(cancer, heart disease, liver problems) in paradise, family feuds, violence, financial problems and stuff compared to this world we are living in…

      You saw my comment Samaritan? nah i’m pretty sure you saw it, so prove those additional things as well to establish your weak hypothesis which i will call ” works of satan in heaven”…i’m waiting….


    • QB, little does he know that white milky wine does exist, take “Makkoli” for example…


    • QB, there’s also the “Kumis” wine, literally from milk, white in colour…damn reminds me of one of my old neighbours, i think he had this kind of wine….i would have taken a picture, nevermind it can easily be found on google…


    • QB, it’s not sold in my country by the way, i heard it’s rare


    • Good point brother Umar. This is what Cerbie the neutered dog and his fellow idiots do not get. They assumes that “wine” must be alcoholic, which is simply a non-sequitur.


    • This is what Shaad is referring to:


    • Yeah exactly, the natural varies, some are a bit brown and some are milky white…as far as the kumis is concerned it’s literally like milk, infact it’s alcoholic milk…


    • So what was Bad Sammie saying before? Oh right:

      “It mentions a particular drink, but it could easily be referring to milk. It even says it will be white in colour.”



    • Yeah that’s the one…


    • It has an alcohol content of 4.5%.

      A few sips of that and jannah will be a drunken orgy 😂😂😂

      Try again. Let’s see an intoxicant that doesn’t intoxicate


    • Paulus, unfortunately you’re off the point, we were talking about the existence of milky white alcoholic wine…by the way, talking about intoxication, how exactly does that cause harm in Jannah? I mean alcohol consumption is haram here due to harmful effects so what about Jannah? Let’s discuss about it, i’m interested to know about what you’re in disagreement with….


    • Paulus, “please explain the logic behind drinking an intoxicant that doesn’t intoxicate”

      Nowhere does it say it shouldn’t be an intoxicant, wine is not necessarily about intoxication, it’s about taste as well….take Flichman for example…


    • *i meant should instead of shouldn’t…


    • Cerbie, you imbecile! The examples of the milky-white beverages were just to show your brother in stupidity Bad Samaritan how utterly idiotic and ignorant he is. Notice that he has run away, like he usually does after being humiliated.

      It seems obvious that you guys have nothing to go with, so you are just grasping at straws to satisfy your bias against Islam. You have brought nothing substantive to this discussion and have shown only that you are a bunch of morons.


  3. Psychologists believe that substance abuse is a symptom of a deeper emotional or psychological issue that many people are incapable of addressing without assistance. Similar, in fact, to the muslim argument that muslims who commit terrorist atrocities in the name of mohammed and allah are psychologically impaired, but use the faith as an excuse for their crimes.

    Regardless, It shows that the holey quran was written by ignorant nomads who had no concept of dependence psychology – they thought that the substance itself was the issue. Obviously, no true god would have been this ignorant. Allah is not god and the quran is a man made fantasy.


    • Joel, “Psychologists believe that substance abuse is a symptom of a deeper emotional or psychological issue that many people are incapable of addressing without assistance”

      I agree, you’re right…there are other aspects as well such as peer pressure, upbringing, entertainment and stuff…so what is the solution? Stop them, ban alcohol because it’s doing more damage than good due to the fact it can kill them, destroy their personal life even further…i’ve known people who stopped drinking as well as smoking with conviction…makes me a remember a christian family who lived near my house, i don’t know which church they belong but one day i was having a conversation with the eldest son who is my friend, he told me that they stopped being catholics and joined a new church, as a result(i don’t know why) they suddenly stopped drinking though they were heavy drinkers…

      Even moderate drinkers are prone to health hazards such as Alcoholic Cirrhosis…

      Concerning “Substance abuse”, well….you’re only looking at the psychological aspect, infact the Alcohol itself affect the brain to make you dependant….

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    • The hypocrisy of Christians never ceases to amaze me. They make excuses for allowing alcohol consumption, but largely oppose marijuana legalization, even though marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol.

      I used to debate with a Christian friend for years on many topics. On one such occasion, we were debating the health benefits and risks of alcohol and marijuana. I called him out for his hypocrisy in opposing marijuana but not alcohol. I showed him studies on the supposed benefits of marijuana use, as well as the harms. I also showed him why marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol. He eventually admitted that maybe he was mistaken about marijuana! Instead of admitting that maybe both are drugs which should be shunned, he was actually willing to accept that marijuana use is okay! And the only reason he did that was because of the Bible. Since the Bible allows alcohol use, he did not want to admit that marijuana use could also be justified by using the Bible. How can it allow one drug and not another far less dangerous one?

      In any case, he converted to Islam recently alhamdulillah, so it doesn’t matter anymore. Of course, as a result, he no longer drinks alcohol.

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    • Yes, Quran, marijuana seems to be far more benign than alcohol use from an epidemiological perspective. It seems that the aversion towards marijuana from some conservative Christians (and this extends beyond keeping it out of the hands of children) is disdain for slacker culture and general prudishness. The Bible in 1 Timothy (I think at the end of chapter 4) explicitly permits a little alcohol consumption, but Paul (and in Revelation 21:8) in numerous instances condemns drunkenness. I talked to an agnostic philosophy professor when I mentioned that the Bible explicitly permits alcohol consumption but conservative Christians tend to be against alcohol consumption. He said that Protestants tend to believe in “total depravity” that humans are inherently corrupt and that alcohol consumption will lead to degeneracy.

      I think most of the negative effects of alcohol consumption is due to binge drinking. I would be interested if there are few negative effects in alcohol consumption is moderate social drinking where one only consumes one drink over the course of an hour and largely engages in conversation.

      Still, I am a Humean, and I mostly certainly do not subscribe to “natural law” philosophy, and I affirm the classical disconnection between “is and ought”. I do not think that even the personal harms of alcohol would be enough to say that it should be proscribed from a moral perspective. A negative moral judgment of alcohol consumption is constituted by one’s sentiments towards alcohol consumption, as opposed to the objective facts about it. For instance, one has to have some affective response towards the notion of alcohol consumption, such as feeling disapprobation when one observes or hears about someone consuming alcohol. Such negative feelings towards alcohol consumption can be elicited if the instances of alcohol consumption are associated with a detrimental effect towards human welfare or betokens bad character. There are indeed some profoundly negative effects associated with alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse can be associated with a “bad character” in the instance of people to violence and neglecting their obligation to their family, but alcohol consumption can also be benign. One could easily argue that alcohol consumption should be accompanied by the virtue of temperance (and of course that is the case for such other such indulgences such as food) to prevent the negative effects from manifesting. That perspective is the opposite of the Protestant view where alcohol consumption is viewed negative without a directly scriptural prohibition for it. In my mind, alcohol consumption itself does not elicit a strong visceral negative emotion.

      Ultimately, in Islam, alcohol is proscribed because Allah, SWT, forbids it. The negative effects of alcohol alone are not even enough to warrant such a proscription, because the proscription is compelling due to divine command, even though there are consequential reasons behind it (there are benefits to alcohol consumption but the negative outweighs the positive). A Muslim abstains from alcohol consumption, primarily not to be avoid the negative effects of it, but out of obedience to Allah, SWT, and expression of one’s taqwa.

      I also asked a sheik whether the prohibition on pork is accompanied by the word “felah” (success), and he said no. In that case, there does not seem to be any consequential reason to abstain from pork, since consumption is mostly safe it is handled and cooked properly.

      I want to start a fitna. Ask people about the Muslim attitudes towards music. I am currently listening to “Together Forever” (from Pokémon, not the Ricky Astley). I was a kid when Pokemon was popular. Haram?? Haram??

      I guess I will be going to Mass with the ahl al kitab soon.


  4. Paulus, already dealt with this point in my comment…


  5. Round will be passed to them a Cup from a clear-flowing fountain, Crystal-white, of a taste delicious to those who drink (thereof), Free from headiness; nor will they suffer intoxication therefrom.” (37:45-48)

    I’m certain this must be Vanilla Coke. Or it could be human breast milk. We all know a certain person who thought suckling grown women was acceptable…


    • Still nothing substantive to say, eh? Poor moron! All you can do is grasp at straws. Is this the best you have, Cerbie? Is this the best your Canaanite god can inspire in you? If so, then no wonder your cult produces millions of apostates every year!

      Hmmm. “suckling grown women” you say? Where might that have been said? You can even ask your brother in stupidity Bad Samaritan for help. He seems to be the pretend hadith expert around here.

      So here is the bottom line. The Quran says that we will have wine in heaven that will not cause intoxication and will have a delicious taste. The Christian clowns have brought forth no reasonable arguments as to what problem they have with this promise. If you’re so interested to know what this drink is, I’m sure one of us will be more than happy to pay you a visit in hell to let you know, inshaAllah. 😉 Until then you will just have to wait, because no one knows what the exact nature of this drink will be.


    • Yeah, the drink is ghaib. No one knows what it is.

      I suppose what really sucks is that one needs to be jannah to drink it. I would have to wait in barazkh before I could drink it.

      In Christianity, or at least what the Gospel of Luke says, that one traverse hell and heaven (the bosom of Abraham). One cannot give a drop of water to the thirst in hell, such as the rich man whose scraps Lazarus fed off.



  1. Muslim Attitudes to Alcohol and Intoxicants: The effect upon societies and individuals Bookmark and Share | kokicat

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