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  1. The trump is like that racist uncle of the family where he says very silly things while watching the telly. The response aught to be the same from us, “uncle you can’t say that”

    Trump: “i can say what i like its a free country”

    Us: “But its horrible what you’re saying and based on pure nonesense!”

    Trump: “No it isn’t i watched a video where i saw it all happen…BAD!”

    Us: “What video?”

    Trump: Shows video

    Us: sighs….”this is what happens when you don’t take your medication”

    Trump: “I take my medication all the time, i’m the best at taking my medication, much better than Hillary because i use beer instead of water”

    Us: “but….”

    Trump: “Anyway never mind that have you seen the job melania has done with my curtains, they’re HUGE!!!!”

    Us: “Yes yes i’ve seen them…”

    argument over

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