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  1. Well seeing as how it was revealed in 7th century Arabia to 7th century Arabians, I’d be a bit surprised if it were in like 12th century Aztec or something…


  2. Any philosophical aspect is based on the language itself.
    I’ll give you some examples to taste what I mean.

    The concept of mercy ( Allah’s mercy) :

    Rabbi Tovia singer ( the concept in Hebrew)

    Ustath Nouman Ali Khan ( the concept in Arabic )

    Also, you know that we’re arguing with christians based on the language. They’ve invented a new meaning for the word (one).

    Finally: “Language itself is also praised in the Koran as the highest gift that humankind received from God. Naturally, this is related to knowledge. Language is the medium of knowledge” Proff. Angelika Neuwirth. There is a reason why Allah has chosen the Arabic language for his last revelation.

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