Birds of a feather flock together

This afternoon at Speakers’ Corner:

“Tommy Robinson has finally arrived. Well done! [Shakes his hand]. How are you doing mate? Good, good, good”.

Thus spoke Kalam of Titans TV this afternoon as seen on a YouTube video.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 20.28.31

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  1. Salam here to all the brothers and sisters in faiths and humanity. Hi there, I’m a long time fan and this is my first time commenting on this fantastic site, also great to meet yourself and many others first time at the Speakers’ Corner on this eventful day… It’s shocking and disgusting, to say the least, when bigotry, racism, hatred and vile attitude among that fascist crowd tried to disguise itself as a “freedom of speech” march. It is also obvious to see from videos daily that Islam is being critisized everytime in Speakers’ Corner, and in reply the 99% of Muslims are defending and correcting a variety of critics daily, so the whole fake notion that all of a sudden “Extremist-Mozlemz” have taken over Speakers Corner and banned freedom of speech after 300 years is a blatant lie and should be ignored as fear-mongering. And that is exactly the motive of scums like Tommy Robinson and those are gullible to believe such falsehood. It is also sickening to see our Union Jack and St George flags and all other British identities (for all the good and bad we have in Britain) continuously being hijacked by far-right nationalism. I strongly believe as most British Muslims, that we are still having to fight against a double enemy, on one hand the tiny minority but nevertheless damaging extremists and fanatics that are trying to hijack our faith and on the other hand the nationalist extremists and fascist (that we can see in these videos) trying to hijack our national identity. It is like juggling as a victim of ID theft on both cases.
    As for Kalam and those like him on Titans TV and elsewhere, they have revealed themselves more than ever on that day and further reinforced their true agenda. The word ‘snake’ is usually associated with him, but in all honesty, I think the real snakes finally deserve an apology for being associated with a character like this Kalam. The real natural snakes are created the way they are, whilst Kalam chooses to be a snake-like individual unprovokingly betraying his fellow humans despite the tolerance and kind advice from Muslims for him to change his ways. Although it may seem harsh to describe him in that manner, frankly it is an accurate description and for as long as he does not change this disgusting behaviour, he will deserve nothing but to be described as such.
    People of all faiths and none should condemn the extremists like Tommy Robinson and all those alike, just as Muslims publically and privately condemn fanatics stealing the Muslim label. Rightfully people of all faiths and none have always united whenever a terrorists commits terror in the name of Islam, unfortunately the same cannot be said when that terrorist or extremist as groups and / or individuals commit such acts in the name of British nationalism. It should go without saying that both and all forms of extremism should be condemned but it is disgusting to allow (due to misguided sections of our society) having to condemn one extreme (religious extremists) but condoning the other extreme (far-right nationalists) in our society in this day and age and the evidence of that speaks for itself on many videos like this, on social media and many real life experiences. Here is another video from Titans TV on the same event which is 22 minutes and 7 seconds.
    In case you cannot access the link this youtube video on Titans TV is titled ‘Tommy Robinson Supporters Arrive In Numbers’ which shows a fraction of what was really taking place that day. Unfortunately these videos intentionally do not fully portray the real face of these fascists, such as the way the fascists provoke members of public, but even on their own propaganda narrative we can see their true face. In this video, like the others, Kalam is very supportive of the bigots waving our national flag and encourages such ignorance and hatred on the side he should never be supporting in the first place. From 11 minutes 35 seconds to 11 minutes 41 seconds in the video you can clearly hear a Tommy Robinson supporter beside Kalam shouting towards the Muslims “I’m from f***ing Wales, get your accents rights! You P*** W****r!” The racist P word is in reference to British Asian citizens, how very “Freedom of Speech” in Speakers Corner is it not? Kalam still very joyful and supportive of this crowd. And there are other signs that reveal what these crowd of bigots stand for, including nearer to the end of the video a far-right lady claiming she is not racist and states “I’ve and we’ve never heard of any other RACE, comin’ over to this cuntry, and *something* Bacon, my grand kids gotta go to mosques! My this my that!” And Kalam satisfyingly responding “Excellent, Thank you! Well said!” Seconds later another bigot man in the crowds adds “and child groomers” which Kalam repeats with agreement…
    We could go on, but it is worth mentioning that not just are individuals like Kalam and other individuals from other groups complicit, but without a doubt, add more fuel to the fire of hatred against Islam and Muslims.
    A lot of us truly hope and pray that these fascists and other anti-Islam individuals who are exploitative are guided in the better path. We really hope that God guides us all including our fellow humans who are currently trying their best to make Muslims suffer. Regardless of which faith or non-faith one holds most dear, if you do not want to be a Muslim or any other faith for that matter, that is your choice but at the least one should support any innocent people being attacked, even if those innocent people are Muslims.
    Thank you for your time for reading this comment.


    • Did you see the video of that thick idiot robinsion trying to pretend that he got “accosted” by the police and he got “banned” from the park? Aside from that being an outrageous lie What he failed to mention was that he was there on a day filming when no one goes as we all know its on a Sunday but he deliberately went there to pretend he had been removed from the scene LOL!! Also, he did turn up despite the lie he made about him not being allowed to. Lie after Lie upon falsehood.

      Yet another hate monger whos transparent attempt to latch onto “free speech” as a thin veil for his filthy agenda. His how MO is to make money because he is a massive loser who even went to the so-called muslim group with cap in hand begging for money to pay his mortgage using the tax-payer money. He has been seeking zionist funding with an aggressive agenda and these are the people that are paying for him to espouse this garbage.

      Just look up “Tommy robinison Zionist Shill” on youtube where you see him wearing the zionist flag with “Proud zionist on it” and explaining why he is and even brown noses rabis to try and get some sort of support.


  2. The kemets should be ignored completely by Muslims at SC. They used to consider “the white man” as the root of all evil, who had enslaved their race etc etc..

    They changed their tune quickly enough. Not for 30 pieces of silver, just some few view tube views..


    • Kabir,
      In America “The Nation of Islam” espoused racist views toward white people even teaching that the White man is the devil, etc. – However, thanks to a few true believers who understood and taught proper form of Islam, the majority of the “Nation of Islam” eventually left the movement and accepted mainstream orthodox Islam.

      If those few good Muslims would have “ignored” those lost souls we would have never seen the largest mass conversion to Islam in American History.

      I realize that at times, Kemets can be a little hard headed, belligerent and confrontative, but we cannot afford to “Ignore” anyone, as we are called to set the record straight on our Deen, and share the right guidance of Al-Islam with all those lost souls who are thirsting for truth. Our job is to communicate the message, and the guidance is left to Allah.


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