Top 1% in Authors and Published Papers on

On March 19th, 2018 I published a little known paper I had written the same day on

Today I was informed by those reading my paper, that not only was the paper in the Top 1% of read papers for the month so far, but I had become a research author in the Top 1% myself.


The paper is in the Top 1% of read papers this month.



I’m in the Top 1% of read authors this month.

This dispels the myth that Muslim apologists can’t engage in anything other than “polemics”, what it shows is that if we as Muslims can put ourselves to serious study and move beyond the low-level rhetoric that we find on the internet, we can actually contribute to the better understanding of religion by the mercy of Allah. That is what is important. As the glorious Qur’an itself says:

“Are those who have knowledge and those who have no knowledge alike? Only the men of understanding are mindful. ” – (Quran, 39:9).

It is only by Allah that success can be obtained and it is by the mercy of Allah that a Muslim can obtain success in a predominantly non-Muslim field in a religion he does not even believe in.

and Allah knows best.

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  1. Well said and well done. Good job and congratulations Ijaz!!

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  2. Subhan’allah!


  3. Congratulation! Keep up the good work, br. Ijaz.

    Let me ask you about br. Paul, did you really block him from writing in this blog? I hope not.
    Also, I don’t agree with br. Paul in some of his articles and the way he deals with some issues within Islamic community. However, I don’t think blocking him – if it’s true- is a good way to solve the problem. After all, he is the one who has built this blog.

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    • Who is “the BloggingTheology Team” now? More transparency would be helpful.


    • See the list of authors on the right side bar of the website. There’s no additional person. Other than those there who volunteered to manage the website.


    • Obviously you are in charge. What about Yahya Snow? Last year it was communicated you both would run the site. Is he still on board? If yes does he approve of your takeover?


    • I would prefer to discuss this privately due to the bullying if I were to speak more publicly about this. He’s onboard, there was no takeover by me, unless you’re referring to the collective transfer to me by Paul.


    • Br. Paul is not blocked from writing, he can write and still access the website as an author. Due to his misuse of the website, he’s under moderation which he agreed to when he deleted his account. That situation has not changed.

      We’ve all been building the website, it took quite an effort to stop him from deleting it again last year, so I rather not reduce the team’s effort to just one person.


    • “We’ve all been building the website, it took quite an effort to stop him from deleting it again last year, so I rather not reduce the team’s effort to just one person.”

      Sure! I surely appreciate your attempt all to keep this blog “alive’. But don’t forget that Paul is the one who started it. His policy to run this blog differs from others’ ones by which they run their blogs, and that why the successful is more in this blog. It attracts many to write and comment. I’ve commented in your own blog and discover the truth blog, yet my comments which disagree with the post were not shown, so I hope to keep the policy in this blog as it’s before.
      On the other hand, I don’t agree with the loose policy in this blog which permits for some crazy people to insult the prophet pbuh. We need to be in the middle.


    • I try to keep the moderating of comments to a low here, but high on the other websites we manage. I understand that there is a difference between all the sites we run and there is quite a few that people are generally unaware of, in any case CC allows comments now though it is a different atmosphere to here.

      Just send us a message when you think something is incorrect and we’ll reach back out.

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