Finding Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the Bible by Dr. Ali Ataie

An excellent lecture by Dr. Ali Ataie!

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  1. As always Dr. Ali Ataie, provides a well researched scholarly lecture that is very comprehensive and thought provoking. While very technical at times his points are easy to understand. It is clear that the Bible prophesies the advent of Prophet Muhammad, and there seems to be plenty of evidence for such an interpretation.

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  2. Salaam,
    It’s really an amazing lecture. May Allah bless dr. Ali and his works.
    I wish he had dealt with the prophecies in the NT, but it seems he will do that in another lecture. I hope it’ll be soon.
    Also, it’s very interesting what he said about the matter of the (Paraclete). Dr. Sean Anthony mentioned that the prof. “Bonacci”, from Italy, is the first one who said or suggested that Paraclete is just a mutilation for Periklytos . This’s indeed very interesting because dr. Abdul Wahhaab Alnajjr from Al Azhar university (born.1862- died.1941) mentioned in his book (the stories of the prophets) that he had met with the Italian orientalist Carlo Alfonso Nallino (died.1913), and he said that as well. He said the word is Periklytos which means (the much praised). I’m not sure if they are one person, and dr. Ali just forgot the true name for that prof. from University La Sapienza because prof. Nallino did work there as well. Whatever the case is, Italians profs seemingly knew something. Moreover, it’s very interesting that the Syriac translation for that word is (Munahamma). I think the subject needs to be investigated carefully and more deeply.


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