DCCI Dilemma – Jesus Coercing?

I’m not sure why they keep doing this to themselves. It’s amazing how most missionaries ignore the existence of Zechariach Chapters 12 to 14. A simple reading shows great violence toward unbelievers, including mass torture, genocide and forced worship.

Does Christianity Really Necessitate Ransom For Salvation?

Does Christianity really necessitate ransom for salvation? A comparative examination of vicarious atonement and repentance in biblical light Question Mark   Prelude   In the recent past Muslim Apologist and Speaker, Paul Williams engaged in a debate regarding the concept… Read More ›

Isaiah vision

For thus my Lord said to me: “Go, set up a watchman; Let him announce what he sees. And he saw  mounted men, two horsemen — a rider of donkey, a rider of camel — and he will listen closely, Most attentively” –Isaiah 21:6-7 For muslims, upon… Read More ›