Where is the Gospel of Jesus the Christ – Wael Ibrahim

Br. Wael Ibrahim recently had a debate in China with a Christian scholar. In this amazing clip he asks, “Where is the Gospel of Jesus the Christ” and gives a spectacular answer!

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Full debate:

and Allah knows best.

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  1. An excellent talk!

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    • It is amazing how the early followers of Christ either failed to document the “Gospel of Jesus” or at the very least…somehow lost it forever.

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    • Good debate between Wael Ibrahim and George Housseny. It seemed that George’s arguments were much weaker than Wael’s arguments. Also George made a lot of emotional appeals which are simply not convincing to anyone of intellect. It doesn’t seem that George is very skilled or sophisticated at responding to the NT textual criticism that Wael was basing his arguments in.

      Wael made a lot of good points. I liked the point he made in regard to the question about the Qur’an supposedly confirming that the book of the Jews and Christians. He argued that the OT and NT are not mentioned in the Qur’an but rather it mentions the Torah and Injeel (two separate things from OT/NT) He further argued simply that if George would show where Muhammad is mentioned in the modern Bible, then he would accept that this is the same book referred to by the Qur’an.

      I hope to see more from Wael Ibrahim in the future, inshallah!!


  2. Salam,
    Who’s Wael?


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    An excellent discussion by brother Wael Ibrahim in a recent debate in Hong Kong!



  1. Where is the Gospel of Jesus the Christ – Wael Ibrahim | kokicat

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