The Charolite Trilogy

Another reblog from my rabbi’s blog. a brilliant portrayal of the Jewish perspective on Christianity. If you follow through, it is very funny too. Enjoy!

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The Charolite Trilogy





The purpose of this trilogy is to help you see the Jewish Christian polemic in a new light. Instead of presenting the arguments of Judaism against Christianity, or Christianity’s response to those arguments, the arguments are presented in a different format. The same Jewish Christian polemic is presented as a debate between Christianity and the fictional faith of the Charolites.

The first section of this trilogy introduces Charlie and the development of the Charolite faith. In this new religion, Charlie takes the position of Jesus while Harry takes the station of Paul.

The second section of the trilogy is an apologetic work of the Charolite faith. The arguments of the Charolite apologist, Dr. Green, will perhaps ring hollow in your ears. You will recognize that these are not answers, but excuses. Anyone can claim that those who disagree with them are stricken with…

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  1. I have to say, I found this article to be seriously flawed but it had some good points.

    It had a good point about the Trinity and the second person being two and how that resembles the resembles the way the concept of Trinity distorts Biblical monotheism.

    It also had a good point about sinful human and sinless nature being in one person resembling the God-human idea of Christians.


    • What part was flawed?


    • It is possible I misunderstood the article.

      What is the author referring to here?
      “On the other hand, Charlie railed against the respected figures of Christendom. He called them all types of names and rained upon their heads all manners of curses.”

      Who are the respected figures that Jesus supposedly railed against?

      I don’t see any place (even from the Christian books) where Jesus cursed any respected Biblical person. Or is the author referring to the religious elite who were living in Jesus’ time? If the author is saying Jesus cursed the religious elite in his own time, I don’t see what would distinguish that from the actions of prophets in the Hebrew Bible. Even the religious leaders of that time criticised each other. Like Pharisees vs Sadducees.

      In any case, on my first reading, I thought the author was trying to portray Jesus as speaking ill of Biblical persons like the prophets.


    • Also, are any of the people who opposed Jesus and his original followers considered respected figures in Judaism?

      You can correct me if I’m wrong but from what I recall, the high priests at that time were Sadducees who no Jew today would support. And even the Pharisees that Jesus opposed according to the Christian books are not known individuals in Judaism.

      So I don’t see a comparison between “Charlie railed against the respected figures of Christendom” and the actions of Jesus even as portrayed in Christian scripture.


  2. Rabbi Yisroel with his obvious ref to Dr Michael Brown 🙂

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