Big tobacco companies tried to reinterpret Qur’an to lure Muslim smokers

Report shows that, for decades, tobacco companies not only felt threatened by Islamic beliefs against tobacco use, but also actively worked to try to change those beliefs, including enlisting lawyers to ‘reinterpret’ the Qur’an.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.50.46

According to media reports:

‘Records show Big Tobacco also enlisted Islamic leaders to try to spread the word that tobacco wasn’t haram (prohibited) and that the Koran made no restrictions on tobacco use. They even had a team of lawyers pore over the holy text in order to interpret it in a way that permitted tobacco use fully.’

Read the full article here

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4 replies

  1. Funny. Go to Indonesia and see that almost every male Muslim smokes cigarettes. They have a saying- if you don’t smoke, you’re not a man.

    I guess big tobacco won and Islam lost in the largest *muslim* nation. Or more likely, Islam is moulded and interpreted differently in each culture to suit.


  2. cheap comment from a missionary who doesn’t really care about Muslims.

    Name me just one Indonesian imam or Islamic scholar who says smoking makes you a man..


  3. A 2010 study found that in Indonesia 65% are active smokers and 80% are passive smokers. In a country of 350+ million and approx 90% muslim, that is a lot of haram muslims.

    I wonder if they’ll still go to jannah?


  4. Its easier for a smoking muslim to go to heaven than for an evangelical who can’t abide in Christ. That’s 100%, and that’s a hell of a lot of unsaved christians.


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