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  1. But the Trinitarians say He is 3 Persons/persons 1 Being/being. So, it is Persons/persons communicating with each other from eternity. It does not hold water, because Jesus himself proved them(Trinitarians) wrong because he said clearly that he does not know the date and no one knows except the other 1 Person who is the Father, so they are not in communication from eternity. So Paul of Tarsus or whoever said that lied and is a false prophet and must not be taken seriously.

    Jesus could have said “I will not provide you with the date for now” but Jesus said “Not even the Son/son(Jesus) knows the day” while on earth he raised the dead, heal people and walk on water. Why didn’t he say “The Son/son does not know how to raise the dead”? but went on to raise the dead while he was on earth and Christians said because of that he is God.

    O.K. He could not be God because he obviously does not know the date but Only, One Alone Person knows it and that is the God of everything including Jesus who said, “My God and Your God” Jesus clearly has a God who knows everything according to Jesus and that is the Gospel according to Jesus that the Quran is talking about and not the Gospels of Mark and the rest with Paul of Tarsus adding more confusing to those canonical gospels.

    Paul of Tarsus said God is immortal and God died for the sins of the world. This is why Paul is a false prophet because he never met Jesus and wrote whatever he likes like what other Gospels writers were writing.

    Unfortunately, those with the above belief are the religious supremacists today and want to convert everybody to this false illogicalities.



  2. credo quia absurdum

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