Many Muslim Leaders Denounce ISIS Out Of Convenience, Not Conviction

A thought provoking article.. and an interesting discussion afterwards

Asharis: Assemble


By The Sultans Jester

A non-Muslim academic, well versed in the Islamic sources, recently asked me a difficult and telling question: ‘To what extent do you think Muslim leaders and speakers in the UK are limited, when they speak about subjects such as violence, terrorism, ISIS etc, by the law or anti-terror legislation as opposed to what they actually believe?

Hoping he wasn’t getting at what I thought he was, I answered the way they do in the movies when faced with these types of questions: ‘How do you mean?’.

In typically blunt fashion he replied: ‘Don’t most of your scholars and speakers accept the exact same narrations and even fatwas as ISIS but simply don’t act on them?’

A few of our colleagues were also around since we had retired to the staff room. I didn’t press him any further – mainly because I was afraid he would bring up…

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  1. Interesting article has a lot of things I have been saying for several months. I haven’t read the whole article yet, but there is one thing that seems to be missing, and that is those Muslims who genuinely oppose ISIS, are doing very little in the way to combat the spread of this ideology. There are no mass protests or demonstrations against ISIS in the UK or anywhere for that matter. Compare that to the demonstrations against Israel which are world wide with chants of “Keybar Keybar oh you Jews Mohamed army is coming for you”

    And worse yet, Muslims who are genuinely opposed to ISIS will not kill and die to fight ISIS, and that in itself is the most dangerous thing of all.


  2. Part of the problem must be one of not knowing what is really going on in that region. We in the West have been lied to by media and government time and again about what is happening in the Middle East (think 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan and others). Maybe IS are as bad as the Western media say they are. But perhaps the full truth will only come out in many years hence when we might find (it is possible on past performance) that certain Western agencies have planted false stories in the media, that we were not told significant facts about the funding of IS (by the West) and the group’s manipulation by the West for its own purposes (toppling Asad) and so on.

    Muslims are often sceptical about a usually pro-American zionist media. And rightly so. Maybe the best position is to be agnostic about what is happening until we get all the facts. But that may take years.

    Give these factors I’m not surprised Muslims are not signing up to Western armies to fight IS. The West must stop invading Muslim countries, stop supporting dictatorships, stop funding extremist groups (like IS), and get the hell out of there. Their presence is extremely destabilizing and leads to bloodshed.

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  3. Good points Sheikh Williams but the issue is that apart from the fact that ISIS is a Western/Saudi?Israeli induced hydra, they are ADMITTING to all of the stuff that people are saying about them: they are all over Facebook, Instagram and Youtube proudly saying exactly what the press says about them.

    They are admitting it! It’s fine to be agnostic about it if they were not but they are publishing fatwas and admitting to rape as recreation ON THEIR OFFICIAL PAGE!!! Anyone who wants to get put on a watch-list can follow the links and see for themselves!

    It’s also rampantly hypocritical for Muslims to spam non-Muslims about issues such as Palestine using sources such as HRW and Amnesty…but when these same sources lay the smack down on ISIS or Saudi, Muslims are like ‘you can’t trust the Western media!’.

    It’s not you, but most Muslims are SELECTIVELY AGNOSTIC.


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