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  1. Thanks much Paul.

    I just saw the whole program. Professor Brown’s books are probably the best to make intelligible the process and value of the hadith. But I think to some extent, he has a mistaken understanding of the scope of the Qur’an in terms of guidance. I take hadith to be very important but I think the Qur’an should not be read through the hadith but the reverse…the hadith has to be read through the Qur’an while the hadith can and indeed should be used by Muslims as illustrative examples since the Prophet is the best example….assuming that the hadith is authentic which again should not be presumed to be true but taken with a little caution.

    Please check out the following which is a speaker on the same Scholars Chair above with the speaker being Astrophysicist and Muslim chaplain Imad ad-Dean Ahmed.

    He brilliantly and concisely provides a corrective to Professor Brown’s explanation of the hadith vis a vis the Qur’an.

    Please look at into it at 6 minutes, 48 seconds…

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  2. No Omer he does not provide a ‘corrective’. He opposes imitation without contextualisation and sound knowledge (blind imitation).

    Let’s all agree the Quran Onlyists are intellectually dishonest.



  3. Yahya,

    I assume you do not agree with him when he claims that “the ONLY defining document of Islam is the Qur’an.” at 6 minutes, 48 seconds.

    Yes, lets all agree that the Quran Onlyists are intellectually dishonest.

    But let us also finally stop being intellectually dishonest the other way.

    It is time to finally accept the truth that those who think that the sahih hadith are all authentic are also intellectually dishonest.

    Check out this lecture of Professor Israr Ahmed Khan of the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

    He comes on at 5 minutes, 30 seconds. And the hadith that he points out as being demonstrably false in Bukhari and Muslim are only a small portion…they are many more that are demonstrably false from what can test.

    And certainly many of those that we can independently test are also false, but we will never know what proportion of those that are not clearly testable are false but based on those that are testable, a substantial (perhaps even large) proportion of the nontestable are also false.


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