Refuting ISIS

This book is all the rage amongst Muslims at the moment. The author is renowned Syrian scholar Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi. He has been named one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world for the past five years ( It has just been delivered to my home 🙂



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  1. Oh it’s the end of Isis for sure now, a book on refuting Isis has been delivered to Paul Williams. Baghdaddi is shaking in his robe right now I’m sure.


  2. I wish it was that simple but there is a war comming and no book is going to stop it


  3. Really well ur country has been right there along with us. As a matter of fact it’s because of ur country that the ME is in such a mess


  4. No no no Paul go back. It was ur country that divided up the Me. It was ur country who let Jew’s into palatine. It was ur country who came up with the plan laid all the ground work to over throw the elected gov of Iran to protect BP oil. And it is ur country thanks to Margret Thatcher that is directly responsible for the first golf war. You must be really proud of all that blood on British hands


  5. true. And it was your country, uniquely, that dropped nuclear weapons on civilian cities.

    But back to the present. You spoke of a coming war. Which country are you going to bomb next?


  6. There is a group around one shaykh in Sheffield who say that the shaykh who wrote this book has blood on his hands. They say this because he supported the rebellion against non-Muslim leader Assad. Whenever some tragedies regarding Syria happen they are using it for their agenda. For example when this Kurdish boy died. While all non-Muslims where shocked by this incident and wanted to take direct action to help refugees more these guys dared to use it for spreading their religious methodology. This is so low.

    The argument is that a rebellion is not allowed unless the leader is a clear infidel. Assad is a clear infidel but according to their unislamic principles he is not. But let us say clear statements or actions of disbelief from Assad could be found like there were from Ghaddafi or other Muslim rulers. Then the same horror would happen for the Syrian people and they could not say anything against it since it would be an allowed rebellion. This is indeed a filthy principle.


  7. Paul Williams

    You said;
    true. And it was your country, uniquely, that dropped nuclear weapons on civilian cities.

    But back to the present. You spoke of a coming war. Which country are you going to bomb next?

    I say;

    It is not going to be easy, as Iran is not an Arab country and its citizens(Christians, Muslims and Jews) who are there right now are united in their government pursuit of its UN granted peaceful nuclear for electricity, medicine etc. as Japan, Canada, Germany etc. are doing. Iran will not stop its peaceful nuclear and will defend itself and anyone who attacked it will face a catastrophic reprisal.

    Israel single handed bombed Syria and Iraq. It stopped short of Iran and wants the US to lead with its children to die and the Jack Van Impe, his wife and other terrorist Christians are preaching for that to happen. Anjem was caught because he is inciting killings and I do not see why John Hagee, Jack Van Impe and other Christian and Zionist inciting killings would not be arrested. Double standards here.

    The Republicans have made it a campaign slogan to satisfy Netanyahu, to dissolve a peaceful deal with Iran but to put Iran at every odd corner and at the end attack it with bombs like how they did to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Mr. Wells and his evangelical Christians support that, like how they supported the lies on war in Iraq with the pretext of Saddam Hussein as a most dangerous person and has weapons of mass destruction which was later found to be lie.

    Since 20 years ago there has been lies upon lies that, Iran will develop a bomb in ten years and the ten years have passed and Iran did not develop any bomb but the republicans and some democrats want to go to war with Iran by rejecting this peace deal and they have people like Mr. Wells supporting them and when people start dying then Mr. Wells will make a U-turn to blame Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest, not knowing they where not the only ones but most of the US who supported the Iraq war including most senators and congressmen voting for the Iraq war.

    Please do not mess with Iran, because it will be catastrophic because it is not an easy meat to chew like how you did in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and part of Pakistan. Iran a Persians and everybody knows Persians are warriors.


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  8. No no no Paul we’re not done yet. Lets see it was because of your country that the US entered WW1. It was directly because of your country (NOT THE USA) that German was forced to sign Treaty of Versailles which directly led to the rise of every Muslims hero Adulf Hitler. It was do to your countries inept Nevil Chamberlain that allowed Adulf and the boys to run through Europe like a bunch of drunken frat boys on a panty raid.

    You mention US dropping the bomb on two military targets in Japan, an act that saved MILLIONS of Japanese lives. But you forgot to mention your countries use of night time area bombing during WW2, you forgot to mention the fire bombings of Dresden and other German cites that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent German civilians, not to mention innocent animals and trees. All of this at that time and up until the bombing of Berlin was against US war doctrine and the US wanted no part of it.

    It should also be noted that we learned from you Brits on the deployment of terror weapons like incendiaries and deployed them against the Japanese.

    What about the Faulklands Paul? Yah I could go on but looking back on it all, there is one Country and One country alone that stands out as the ROOT cause of this mess in the Middle east and world today. And that is YOUR COUNTRY. As one German officer warned after the war. “you Americans have been duped by the British who have been playing this game for centuries.” or words to that effect.

    So go play your blame game someplace else.


  9. Robert Wells

    It was directly because of your country (NOT THE USA) that German was forced to sign Treaty of Versailles which directly led to the rise of every Muslims hero Adulf Hitler

    I say;
    The Bible said thou shall not lie. What is your proof that “every Muslim hero is Adolf Hitler”? You see, your hatred towards Muslim will allow you to say anything against the religion and its followers, even if it is lie. Jesus Christ punish you in the day of judgement and say he does not know you for hating human beings and keep telling lies against them. Jews were saved by the Muslims when they were being killed and persecuted by Christians. Every Jew knows this and always give thanks to the Muslims, even if he does not like Muslims, the Jew will always acknowledge this clear fact which only Robert Wells and other islamophobes will turn and say Hitler is the hero of Muslims( Who saved Jews) and continue to save more Jews right now in Morocco, Iran, Iraq until the war, Yemen and their Yemenite Jews, Palestine and their Arab Jews, Algeria, Tunisia, Indonesia(Rabbi Trovia Singer is based in Indonesia right now and is happy and love Muslims than Christians even though he is a Zionist). etc.

    To look at this glaring facts and accuse Muslims of Hitler as their hero is intellectual, philosophical and psychological bankruptcy on your part and also you are a dishonest fellow when you ignore the Jews and Muslim relationship. There are Arab Jews who have brothers and sisters who are either Muslims or Christians, so to think one is happy when there is a mass massacre of other brothers is just dumb.

    Hitler was a Christian and he was following what the Christians did to Jews by barbarically murdering the Jews at the inquisition and some of them run to the Muslim lands of the North Africa and Middle East and they are since in those countries as citizens right now. To say the opposite against Muslims is just dumb.


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  10. Robert please stop with that self-serving propaganda of the nukes saving Japanese lives. I’ve also seen you claim the European Christians just acted in self defence against the Native Americans.


  11. Yahya snow quit denying the FACTS of history.


  12. LOL so what happened to the native Americans is now a ‘FACT’ of history. /the same for the nuking of Japan

    I’m sure you’re on a wind up here, fishing for reactions

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  13. Alhamdulilah!

    Peace be upon you.

    ooooohhh I want this….

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  14. im reading it now – excellent book!

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  15. Interesting how the book acknowledges that ISIS have taken a “superficial and literalist” approach of the Quran.
    So ISIS are taking/following the Quran literally and on face value whereas these scholars are looking for ways out to explain everything.

    I am glad however that the majority of Muslims do not take the Quran literally at every point but it is important for you guys to educate yourselves more too. Even some very academic Muslims have joined or support Isis, so you need a solid, stable level of knowledge to not be swayed by what Isis say. But if someone like a scholar is going to sugar coat your religion for you, then it is only false knowledge that will not be able to keep you stable. I haven’t read the book so I can’t say but in many videos I’ve watched I see Muslim scholars doing just that, in order to keep people satisfied and ignorant.


  16. It appears you have been brainwashed by right wing Islamophobic propaganda which delights to demonise islam for its own nefarious purposes.

    Educate yourself: read the book.

    ISIS is a criminal organisation which violates countless Quranic and prophetic injunctions.

    If you are not up to reading a book then see this important sermon – where Hamza cites many authentic hadith to refute ISIS. Its not rocket science..


  17. A Kindle edition has belatedly appeared –


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