Another Christian church caves in to liberal secularism

One of the reasons I became disenchanted with Christianity is its tendency to go along with the spirit of the age at any given time. The Church, having abandoned much of the Divine Law (compare Matthew 5: 17-20), and retreated into the private, personal realm, has abandoned the public square to the unbelievers. In turn the Church having no means left to resist the world, the flesh, and the devil, gives in to this unholy Trinity.

Islam is a holistic faith based on Tawhid, the Oneness of God, who embraces all things. By the grace of God Islam has not succumbed to secularism or militant liberalism. Its doctrine remains intact. It is a safe harbour for the faithful from the ravages of the world and the betrayal of the Church.

To Christians I say: come back to the One God of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. To the final uncorrupted dispensation to mankind.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 14.37.42

Categories: Christianity, Homosexuality, Life in the West, Utterly idiotic

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