Muslims Proudly Display Academic ‘Standards’

A must read…

Asharis: Assemble


Regular visitors to the site may remember the flurry of ‘warnings’, fake reviews and general mass hysteria amongst certain sects of Islam and Muslim speakers that greeted the launch of what one would have at first thought assumed would be a somewhat dry book of only academic interest on Hanafi hadith methodology about six months ago (you can see some hilarious ‘reviews’ of the book, using the interesting method of not having read it, in the comments section here: The previous record holding ‘reviewer’ had possibly read up to about forty pages of the three hundred or so). In fact, it seems to have even inspired a copycat or ‘pirated’ book as well, which I guess is some kind of flattery.

Well it seems that finally, after those six months and what must have been, from the evidence and celebration on-line, a herculean collective effort by a cross party selection of Salafists and their familiars, someone has actually read and reviewed the book. And it only took half an Earth year!

Or perhaps not, if Nikita is to…

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  1. SuedeNikita sounds 100% like Atabek himself. Generalizing, exaggerating and using absurd analogies with similar grammar that he feels makes his point. I’m pretty sure SuedeNikita is just a handle that Atabek uses himself to reply to his opponents. This is indeed very shameful and unscholarly. I doubt Atabek you will allow this comment to get on the page or let it stay much longer. I have read his works enough time to make this connection….#Shameful


  2. ^I have left above comment on his page but he doesn’t approve my comments to be on his site!


  3. The article is not by Shaykh Atabek, this sister is known to have a condescending attitude towards those she vehemently disagrees with. BTW its not only deobandis/salafis that disagree with Shaykh Atabek and his approach towards hanafi understanding of hadith. Its quite ironic that she included that picture of the word ‘amphigory’,the one brother paul used to describe shamouns nonsensical diatribes,because imo most of her essay followed the same pattern used by shamoun to denigrate muslims.
    Shamouns modus operandi is to try and overwhelm his opponents by irrelevant information,conjecture and insults. The same pattern can be observed here and her other essays. Also both her and the sites host claim to be Maliki-Ashari, and yet that site (as far as im aware) mentions no contemporary Maliki scholar that they have studied and none of their essays have to do with Maliki fiqh, yet there is no shortage of praise for shaykh Atabek and shaykh Sulaiman.
    The sad part is,there is no doubt that these two individual are highly intelligent and yet their attitude towards those who disagree with them leaves bad taste in the mouth.


  4. seems we are getting some blowback from Asharis: Assemble


  5. Notice how the article is about how Muslims such as these have rubbish academic standards and the response was…you guessed it, a complete inability to respond to the classical sources.


  6. @maratsafin: I believe the site’s host claims to be Hanafi-Maturidi.


  7. Actually, I’m pretty sure ‘Islambychoice’ is just a handle Satan uses to respond to people who oppose him.

    See, I can talk unsubstantiated crap too!


  8. Notice how still no one can respond to the actual points. Their game was to assume no one can read Arabic (well).
    Now they came across someone who can and the response is?
    Ad Hominem!


  9. Maybe Suede Nikita is not Atabek himself but his concubine. Does he have a concubine?


  10. Way to prove her point about academic points – sexual insults to girls!
    Strong academic knowledge on display.#
    Stay classy!


  11. I heard she’s BOTH Atabek Shukurovs’ concubine AND Abu Takfir’s mum!

    Which makes Atabek Your…?!?!!


  12. Come on Paul, are these people your level? You criticize Christian polemics for their fool behaviour but support such a bunch of demagogs? The person just criticized the book and they cannot answer without ranting over pages. This shows every discussion with them is pointless. They use ranting and personal attacks. Imagine this refutation without all these unneeded attacks on people. No points just the hate of some apostate idiots.


  13. These people are clear apostates. They are not Muslims. Sam Shamoun and David Wood are more Islamic then they.


  14. mmmclmru and Suede Nikita have all of their knowledge from Atabek. They may pretend as if they are independent but they went to his classes. He brought that shit to England.


  15. if you want to worry about something really disturbing read my article about David Wood


  16. LOL! Funny how he lost his rag!!!!


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