Is the Holy Qur’an unique?

If all Qur’ans in the world today were destroyed, the original Arabic would still remain, because millions of Muslims (called Hafiz) have memorized the text of the Qur’an letter for letter from beginning to end, every word and syllable. Also, chapters from the Qur’an are precisely recited from memory by every Muslim in each of the five daily prayers.


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  1. Memorising the Qur’an really is a wonderful thing. Me and my family always consider this as a very important part of Ibaadah

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  2. Often when I am asked to lead the prayer in the Mosque in our neighbourhood, One or two occasion I had been corrected by other brothers if my recitation was not correct or if I skip a word or two. ..This is the Miracle of the Qur’an : Always in the heart and mind of the believers from the time it was revealed.

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  3. I wish the Qur’an (and particularly the Qur’an) was in the hearts and minds of more Muslims….it would then be more in their actions and lead to more kindness to Muslims and nonMuslims and all.

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