What slavery looked like in Islam 

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Jack The Lad

O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Truly, the most honored of you in God’s sight is the greatest of you in piety. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware. — Quran (49:13)

Prophet Muhammad, 570–632 AD

. . . yield obedience to my successor, although he may be an Abyssinian slave.

He will not enter paradise who behaveth ill to his slaves. The companions said, “O Apostle of God! Have you not told us, that there will be a great many slaves and orphans amongst your disciples?” He said, “Yes; then be kind to them as your own children, and give them to eat of what you eat yourselves. The slaves that say their prayers are your brothers.”

[The first call to prayer at the Quba mosque built by Prophet Muhammad…

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  1. I don’t know much about Islam, but I heard there is not a single prophetic saying regarding abolishing the slavery, is this true? I am just asking, please don’t get offended by it.


    • the general trajectory of Quranic teaching tends towards its abolishment

      Compare the teaching of the NT:

      You who are slaves must accept the authority of your masters with all respect. Do what they tell you–not only if they are kind and reasonable, but even if they are cruel.

      1 Peter 2:18

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  2. Johny the Nerd

    You said;
    I don’t know much about Islam, but I heard there is not a single prophetic saying regarding abolishing the slavery, is this true? I am just asking, please don’t get offended by it.

    I say;
    I analysed and explained this question several times on this blog. You see, God knows best and knows what is best for his creations. To take another man as your slave might not be the best of things to do and Islam categorical says free your slaves in so many places in the Quran and Hadiths.

    I do not know what you want again? With regards command like “no one should keep slave anymore” would be catastrophic to human beings at that time. Slave trade before Islam was the stock trade like the New York stock exchange today. People have invested a lot on slaves and some people treat them bad while others respect their slaves as their assets.

    If Islam all of a sudden issued a command like “no one should keep slaves anymore” it would have been catastrophic because if you free all your slaves at that time, they will have no where to go and you will end up losing your investment and no money to feed your self and the slave will have no money to feed themselves, no shelter, food, etc. and they freed slaves need jobs and help and there will be instability, robbery, rape and all social vices.

    Instead in the Quran God decided to abolish it gradual by stressing in so many places to free your slave and a reward will be given by Allah if you free your slave and tread your slave equal like your self and do not over burden your slave. So, Muslims gradually started to free their slaves and in that process there will be arrangements either the slave must continue his job with his master but not a slave anymore or the slave must get a proper place to go so that he will not become a burden to society. Islam never said buy slave. Not at all, but Islam says free slave. If you are asked to free slave for a reward from Allah it will be stupid for you to go and buy slave and that means abolishing the slavery in a sensible manner so that it will not cause pain and suffering to anyone.

    During war, the captured are to be treated good and eventually freed if they do not cause danger to anyone. If you still have some issues let me know and I will try to do my best to explain things to you.

    Prophet Abraham had a slave and had a child with his slave according to the Bible and Jesus Christ said a slave must satisfy his master and therefore accepts Abraham having a child with his slave girl. In this modern evangelical USA, both Jesus and Abraham would have been arrested and put to jail for condoning slavery and having sex with a slave girl.

    To be fair, since these prophets came before Islam, the question of why slavery was not abolished must be directed to Prophet Abraham and Prophet Jesus first before Islam.


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  3. Impolite intellect, You and your long essays, lol. You see I am a student, I get bored by reading long piece of writings. I don’t want to get started again and embarrass you even more, so you better stop interacting with me. Talk to the hand.


  4. Johny the Nerd

    I can see you are terrified from my comments because my comments aren’t long at all. If you cannot read this short comments as a student, then I wonder how you will pass your exams if my comments are too long for you.

    It is not even up to a half page of a book. If a page or two of a book is to long for you to read as a student, then I pray for you to be more serious and wake up at night and read a lot to pass your exams. if my comments are too long for you as a student, the you need help. For me, I write what I want to write and will continue to write as far as God gives me breath and this blog is functioning and no one can stop me except the owner of the blog. I won the argument with you and you lost and now you want to intimidate me and that is the fundamentalists tactics and if they lose the debate, they employ other methods like intimidation to shut people but not me. If you ask a Muslim question, I will reply and if like do not read it and other serious people will read.


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  5. Impolite not so intellect, You are really a piece of work if you think you were able to answer me. Forcing the blogger to close the comment section, I don’t want him to do that again. I do read the academic essays hence I get bored, duh. I don’t want to get bored also in my free time by reading rants like yours. You won the argument,sure you did, if there was one. I was so amused by reading your claptrap. Maybe, I will do it again in future when I get bored by reading academic essays. gtg.


  6. a reminder: the post is about ‘What slavery looked like in Islam’.


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