Sending ‘Donald Trump deportation teams’ to the UK

RamZPaul the American video blogger and white nationalist yesterday called for all Muslims to leave Europe and go back to their own countries (!) Today he offered to send ‘Donald Trump deportation teams’ to the UK. His kind offer has some interesting advantages..

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.21.17

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  1. If RamZPaul is honest with his philosophy, he would deport himself and his family since all these White Europeans came to Native America uninvited and then killed off the true natives.

    I think it is time for RamZPaul to pack up and head west on the Atlantic.

    The land underneath his feet are not his according to his racist, bigoted, narrow-minded, xenophobic, non-pluralistic, and evil attitude and according to his hate speech which is contributing to discrimination and crime against innocent men, women, and children who just want to provide for themselves and their families.

    May God guide him to value honesty, kindness, and some historical perspective.

    America was mainly populated by the Native Americans just a few hundred years ago.

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  2. Well said Omer!


  3. Thanks much Marvin.


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