Not the best of British

Perhaps it will come as no surprise that your average far-right Islamophobic bigot on Facebook is borderline illiterate. Here is a choice example from British Voice, a silly neo-fascist outfit who are far from showcasing the best of British. They appear not to know the difference between “our” and “are”. A 5 year old child would know this.


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 22.35.30



Categories: English, Extremism, Utterly idiotic, White nationalism

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  1. Are money is what we are in for

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  2. Careful mate, it’s a fake page and looks like one of those entrapment setups… my mate got caught-out on a page called Britain First on the Streets or something like that, they wound him up, screen captured his comments and forwarded them to his work place. I know the Far Right are thick, but whoever’s running that page looks to be just a wind-up merchant, I’ve reported it.

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  3. You’re welcome Paul.Thankfully my mates place of work couldn’t of cared less, but these days a lot of employers are willing to take you to task on these things.

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