Assault on Adam Deen

I have just spoken to Adam who is at a London police station after being physically and verbally assaulted at a petrol station by an Islamist extremist. Adam’s assailant was apparently not intelligent enough to realise that his actions were being recorded on CCTV!

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  1. What’s the problem? Adam Deen is an apostate and has no rights according to Islam. Don’t promote such infidels. And btw Adam Deen is extremely unintelligent. A very stupid person.


  2. that’s the most stupid, cretinous comment ever posted on Blogging Theology.

    Which is saying something!

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  3. Adam, very sorry you had that incident.

    May Allah protect you from these enemies of the Quranic teachings.

    Allah COMMANDS us to engage with those who agree with us. We are told multiple times in the Qur’an to ask them “Bring your proof.”

    So freedom of speech and engagement is COMMANDED and PROTECTED by ALLAH, the CREATOR of ALL EXISTENCE.

    But these idiots do not fully fear ALLAH…they worship the distorted projections of their sick minds and the sick leaders who they blindly follow.


    But they will not fully follow ALLAH what he has just explicitly stated in the verse above and what Allah said in many other verses also.

    Allah says in Surah Hujurat that “Would you teach Allah with your religion while Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth, and Allah is Knowing of all things?”

    But these hateful idiots would want to teach Allah with what their scholars or what some medieval scholars said based on some hadith that was put in writing decades if not centuries later and canonized even more centuries later.

    Speaking in the context of verses talking about the afterlife, Allah says in Surah 25, verse 30 “And the Messenger has said, “O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur’an as [a thing] abandoned.”

    Note the Messenger will not say that his people left dubious hadith (which the Prophet never made a point of being systematically collected in his 23 year ministry including his 13 years as a leader of the city and eventually Arabia)….or that they left so and so scholars in the middle ages/medieval age…but rather that they left the QUR’AN …the WORD of GOD HIMSELF which is the only thing that GOD promised He will preserve (15:9).

    May Allah protect you Adam from the good work you are doing of pointing out errors and dangers of certain teachings and mindsets….and may Allah protect us all who want to prevent full dialogue. Ameen. Ya Rab.

    Adam, if you make any errors, may Allah correct you but thanks for what you are overall doing.


  4. Just to clarify I am not against hadith…rather I follow hadith and I believe that we must look at hadith and follow it when it does not contradict the Qur’an in letter or in spirit of the Qur’an. We must not keep the hadith on the same level of the Qur’an.

    I am against the use of hadith to override the Qur’an (the only text that Allah promised to protect).

    I am also against the cherry picking of hadith.

    And I am against not using our reason, our morality….God told us to use aql hundreds of times in the Qur’an and Qur’an tells us to do what is ma’ruf (known morality).


  5. Ah British Muslims. You never cease to amaze me.


  6. @Omer, you have some serious problems. You have been totally brainwashed by Asharis:Assemble.

    First of all you are insulting all Islamic scholars from the past as being ‘enemies of the Quranic teachings’. Every single Islamic scholar supported killing apostates and you are calling them idiots and more. Fear God if you have any faith.

    The Holy Qur’an does not say anything like what you mean. No compulsion in religion means most likely that a person cannot be forced to believe because belief is conviction. It is simply not POSSIBLE to force someone to faith. That does not mean that it is not allowed to kill someone for choice of belief. Choosing religion is not a right but a responsibility. For not coming after a responsibility a punishment may be applied.
    I explained this and the other Islamic opinions about the verse on Asharis:Assemble comment section.

    Apostasy-killings are not based on single Hadiths. The most important proof for this is the HISTORICAL FACT that the four Caliphs used to kill apostates. This is not a Hadith but part of Islamic history. Because of this FACT Islamic scholars used the Hadith found in Sahih Bukhari or Muslim. They did not simply hear a Hadith somewhere and then decided to introduce killing apostates. They KNEW that it was practiced by the Companions and the Caliphs.
    But killing apostates is indirectly found in the Qur’an too. The Qur’an clearly explains who has the right to live: believers (Muslims) and people who are permitted for Dhimmitude. Permitted to Dhimmitude are according to all schools Jews and Christians because they are explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an and Zoroastrians because they were permitted by Umar Ibn Al-Khattab. The Hanafi and Maliki Madhhab say that all other non-Muslims are allowed too based on the fact that Umar extended it to Zoroastrians.
    Since apostates do not fall in one of the two groups of Muslims and Dhimmis there is no right for life for them even according to the Qur’an!!!


  7. Dhimmitude? That is how Islamophobes use the term. Its obvious that Ninja Turtle is a troll pretending to be an extremist.

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  8. The Arabic word is Dhimmah.


  9. Ninja turtle – living in a comic strip

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  10. I said clear things with clear argumentation and you can respond to them.


  11. If you don’t want to discuss with me then leave me alone and stop saying I’m not a Muslim. I’m waiting for Omer’s response.


  12. Don’t agree with QF nonsense but that does not excuse this assault. Al Muhajiroun folk aren’t the brightest tools in the box.

    I think Adam’s former colleagues at MPACUK, HT and MDI pose a bigger threat to Adam than this ex AL Muhajiroun chap – an intellectual and scholarly threat.

    PS I personally would not be surprised if this was some ‘work’ as in a WWE type storyline. Not saying Adam made this up but I would not rule out the involvement of a third party in this ‘assault’.

    Regardless, I hope Adam and his family are safe from physical threat.


  13. “I personally would not be surprised if this was some ‘work’ as in a WWE type storyline”

    Could you explain what you mean Yahya?

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  14. Sure, I would not be surprised if the attacker was acting on behalf of a third party (an organisation or an individual). A third party who or which has an agenda favourable to QF. Perhaps it’s QF that works the third party’s agenda…assuming the third party is an organisation.


  15. Nope.

    I’m just saying I would not rule it out the involvement of a third party.

    I think somebody who believes a third party has approached Muslims (or a Muslim) on route to work and propositioned the Muslim/s the idea to write blogs of an extremist nature to set the stage only for QF to take credit for the Muslim/s ‘de-radicalisation’ has no qualms in accepting the possibility a third party with an agenda may have had a hand in this assault’ too.


  16. The two aren’t mutually exclusive – the paranoid idea and the attack can be both true at the same time.


  17. Ninja Turtle,

    There are multiple places where you are in serous error, so I don’t even know where to start.

    In general, It is not worth my time to respond to you since you make no sense.

    But I will respond now.

    It is not that easy to even define an apostate.

    You cannot say that people who are born Muslims were really Muslim to begin with.

    They could have learned whatever…. from very little to a lot.

    When they were Muslim…they may have really cultural Muslims and not really understanding Islam.

    What they grew up with maybe more a distortion of Islam.., in my understanding, some of your interpretations are distortions.

    What is even more absurd is that unless I am mistaken I recall reading that there are some Sunni extremists killing Shias and Alawis by calling them apostates.


    If they don’t consider Shias and Alawis to be Muslims to begin with ( I don’t consider Alawis to be Muslim), then they cannot even be apostates ipso facto.

    We really don’t know for certainty what the first four caliphs did. What we do know is that they did not canonize some books of hadith….although Ali did have very high regard for the hadiths.

    From what we know Abu Bakr burned his 500 hadiths.

    From Caliph Umar actually called for a bonfire…yes, that’s right a bonfire to burn as many hadiths as he can get his hands.

    In fact, according to a hadith in Bukhari, Umar tells the Prophet when the Prophet wants to have something written down, that …no we don’t need to do that…all we need is the Qur’an.

    I don’t agree with Umar’s behavior or judgment towards the Prophet on that….and no, I am not a Shia…I feel more comfortable in Sunni mosques….and I think that Abu Bakr and Umar were good leaders on many issues.

    But I don’t agree with Umar’s view of hadith….the hadith is something we need to use in my opinion but not in the way now where we let it be equal and sometimes even overrider what God told to us (in the Qur’an).

    Regards to views of premodern Muslim scholars living a thousand years ago….they were acting on certain presumptions on people who were living thousands of miles away.

    Professor Jonathan Brown, who has expertise in hadith, says this as well.

    Deeper thinking scholars like Al Ghazali thought differently than them.

    Also, belief back in the time of battles between the early Caliphs and so on was a lot to with politics…listen to Jonathan Brown.

    An apostate was even put to be the governor of Egypt by Caliph Uthman….this is all known…but afterwards he was made governor of Egypt!

    .so a lot of apostazing back then was dealing with politics in between the wars between the Prophet and the pagans trying to wipe out Islam…I am not making any political statement….and I am not saying anything about someone living in a theoretical Islamic polity who is actively spreading mischief by spreading false information on Islam and so on to push the public away from Islam on crystal clear false grounds.

    I am talking about a person who minds his business and just is not convinced with Islam being true…whether was born to someone named Ahmad and Aisha or not.

    To that person….yes to that person, the Qur’an in 2(256) in my opinion, but in many other verses as well says that we must leave them be.

    It is your choice…you can either obey God in what he said in a number of verses (and obey the fitrat in us) or disobey what He said while trying to rationalize it with based on your hermeneutics.

    But you have bigger problems than me…so don’t wait for me to respond…wait for Umar to respond to you because you seem to have a bigger disagreement with him.

    And please don’t respond to expect anymore dialogue with you.

    From the stupid and anti-Islamic things you said about Adam Deen….I don’t have time with you.

    Life is short and it is my responsibility to use my time appropriately.

    May Allah guide you, me, and us all.

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  18. His wife has left him; hopefully he will leave Islam as well. And then he can go do the happy Muslim dance all he wants. What a despicable man.


  19. These attack comments are uncalled for and very anti-Islamic.

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  20. Hey Omer, you mentioned Alawites and Shiah. My Turkish Ottoman ancestors dealt with this question practically. It is the Islamic opinion that Alawites are apostates and Shiah are considered apostates. When Iran was conquered by the Safavid Shiah the scholars clearly called for killing them because they are Shiah and Alawites. So yes they have to punished for apostasy.

    A Muslim should try to attack only with good language. But apostates like Adam Deen have to be dealt more harshly. So the attacks are not unislamic.


  21. I follow the Hanafi Madhhab and the Hanafi Madhhab says yes to killing apostates. The Bible also has killing apostates. So everyone agrees on this.


  22. Maajid Nawaz for example is an atheist and Adam has no problem with this. His fundamental principle in religion is morality and not belief. He does not care for what someone believes. In Islam the first thing is belief.


    • Adam works for the QF for Nawaz. What is the evidence for your claim that Nawaz is an atheist? Either way this does not made Adam an apostate. He is a muslim.

      You have grossly slandered him.


  23. “Perhaps those who are leaving the faith are those who experience conflict between their faith and moral imperatives, lacking sound ethical answers, this results in them leaving the faith.”

    Here Adam says that moral imperatives are above the Qur’an. The Qur’an says what is right and wrong and not Western moral imperatives. Moral imperatives are illogical as said by great philosopher Wittgenstein.

    Majid Nawaz came out as atheist recently. Not distancing from Majid’s atheism is kufr or near to kufr.


  24. In islam we have strict rule of law. People can’t run around calling people apostates and condemning them to death.

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  25. @PaulWilliams Correct and yes I pity Mr. Adam Deen.


  26. Mehmet,


    An apostate by definition means someone who left the faith that he before had.

    If you don’t consider Shias and Alawis to be Muslims to begin with ( I don’t consider Alawis to be Muslim), then they cannot even be apostates ipso facto.

    If they were born as Shias and Alawis, then you don’t consider they were ever Muslims…so they never APOSTATED.

    If their ancestors apostated according to you, then that is TOTALLY irrelevant….about the same worth as what some Turkish pagan ancestors of yours 1200 years ago has on how you will be judged on Day of Judgement.

    I don’t even know if you or Ninja Turtle are real Muslims are just people trying to portray themselves as Muslims.

    Even if you are a Muslim, I don’t really have much time to waste towards those who don’t have simple sense of logic or simple sense of goodness.

    Qur’an is based on goodness and logic. If we don’t speak the same language, then it is hard to understand each other.

    Bye Bye.


  27. Mehmet,

    Finally, may Allah guide you….remember the hadith that if one calls another a kafir, then one of them is….I would give you the good advice that the Prophet is attributed to be saying here which is don’t do takfeer so easily…it is very dangerous for your soul.

    And Allah says explicitly in the Qur’an, that if someone says salam to you, do not call him a nonbeliever.

    So think twice or 700 times before you want to go so directly against this explicit, crystal clear verse of the Qur’an.

    May Allah guide you so you can be blessed in this world and the eternal hereafter.


  28. @Hyde and Ninja

    Calling Adam an apostate is not going to achieve anything positive.

    Hoping he leaves Islam is not the way a Muslim should behave.


    Trust me, I am far from a fan of Adam Deen and QF. QF is a group of bottom-feeders which injects poison into British society at the behest of its shadowy backers. Adam, if he has enough integrity and enough nous will leave that group of bottom-feeders (hopefully with a few bits of inside info to poke that group in the eye). Respond in a more useful way – make some arguments against QF etc in order to get people to think deeper.

    Here’s an idea, Adam and his Deen Insititute colleagues would be condemned by some officials in the UK government as ‘non-violent extremists’

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